Off-Duty Oakdale Police Officer’s Killer Convicted of 3rd-Degree Murder

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania – A man has been convicted of 3rd-degree murder in the fatal shooting of an off-duty Oakdale police officer. The verdict was announced after a trial in which the man was accused of pulling the trigger, resulting in the officer’s tragic death. The incident took place when the off-duty officer was off duty … Read more

Shooting Survivor’s Family Speaks Out on Houston Gun Violence & Killer on the Loose

Houston, Texas – The family of Derrick Smith, a 30-year-old man tragically killed in a shooting incident in June, is still seeking justice as the perpetrator remains at large. Smith was gunned down by an attacker armed with an AR while he was sitting in his truck. The incident occurred near the 4700 block of … Read more

Trial Begins for Accused Killer of Connie Dadkhah After Delayed Police Response

San Diego, California – After two years of waiting, the trial for the man accused of murdering Connie Dadkhah in her Rancho Peñasquitos condo is set to begin. Parrish Chambers, Jr. faces multiple charges in a case that has drawn attention not only for the tragic nature of Connie’s death but also for the questions … Read more

Serial Killer Confesses to Killing 42 Women in Nairobi Dump_InitStructure of Dismembered Bodies Found

Nairobi, Kenya – Authorities in Nairobi, Kenya, are currently investigating a chilling case involving the discovery of mutilated female bodies at a local rubbish dump. The prime suspect taken into custody has shocked officials by confessing to the murder of 42 women, shedding light on the existence of a potential serial killer in the area. … Read more

Manitoba Killer Found Guilty of First-Degree Murder as Verdict Brings Closure to Victims’ Families

Winnipeg, Manitoba – A judge in Winnipeg, Manitoba, has ruled that a man who killed four indigenous women in the Canadian province is guilty of first-degree murder. Jeremy Skibicki, 37, was found guilty despite his defense’s arguments that he was not criminally responsible due to schizophrenia at the time of the killings. Prosecutors alleged that … Read more

Serial Killer Jeremy Skibicki Convicted of First-Degree Murder in Winnipeg: Life Sentence Imposed

Winnipeg, Manitoba – Serial killer Jeremy Skibicki has been found guilty of first-degree murder in the killings of four women in Winnipeg. The decision was delivered by Manitoba Court of King’s Bench Chief Justice Glenn Joyal after weeks of evidence in a high-profile trial that took place in May and early June. The verdict means … Read more

Parole Hearing for Skylar Neese’s Killer Approaching: Father Fights for Justice

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Rachel Shoaf, one of the individuals involved in Skylar Neese’s tragic death, faces her second parole hearing on Monday morning. The murder of Skylar Neese in the early hours of July 7, 2012, sent shockwaves through the tight-knit Morgantown community, leaving her family and friends devastated. Skylar’s father, Dave, has been on … Read more

Golden State Killer Suspect Louis Wiechecki Dies in 2018 Revealing New Details in Serial Murder Case

Anaheim, California – The hunt for the elusive “Golden State Killer” in June 2018 captivated the attention of the FBI and various law enforcement agencies in California. This nocturnal predator was linked by DNA to a string of 13 murders, over 50 rapes, and hundreds of burglaries spanning from the early 1970s to 1986. Intriguingly, … Read more

Deadpool Killer Wade Wilson Sentenced to Death for Strangling Two Women: Mysterious Hand Gesture Sparks Speculation

Fort Myers, Florida – In a shocking case that has gripped the community of Forty Myers, a man known as the ‘Deadpool killer’ was convicted of the brutal murders of two women. Wade Wilson, not to be confused with the popular Marvel character portrayed by Ryan Reynolds, was found guilty of the October 2019 murders … Read more

Prison Guard Receives Massive Settlement After Brutal Attack by ‘Plenty of Fish Killer’

St Albans, England – In 2016, Carl Langdell received a 26-year prison sentence for the sexual assault and murder of teacher Katie Locke, which occurred on their first date. Recently, a prison guard was awarded a significant settlement after being brutally attacked by Langdell during his time at HMP Bedford. The assault took place when … Read more