Deathbed Confession: Killer Admits to 11 Murders, Including 1996 Grand Rapids Woman, in Shocking Revelation

Grand Rapids, Michigan – A convicted killer admitted to 11 murders in a deathbed confession, revealing the brutal murder of a Grand Rapids woman in 1996, and the murder of another victim along with nine other unsolved cases, sources disclosed. Garry Artman, who was on his deathbed due to lung cancer, reached out to detectives … Read more

Deathbed Confession: Killer Admits to 11 Murders in Grand Rapids

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Garry Artman, a convicted killer, made a deathbed confession, admitting to nearly a dozen murders, most of which he was never charged for, sources revealed. Artman contacted detectives just days before succumbing to lung cancer, revealing that he was responsible for 11 murders, with 10 occurring in Grand Rapids, Michigan. One … Read more

Confessed Murderer Admits to Killing 11 Women on Deathbed

Grand Rapids, Michigan – A convicted murderer made a shocking deathbed confession, admitting to the killing of 11 women just days before passing away while serving a life sentence. Gary Artman, who was convicted last September of murdering Sharon Hammack in 1996, confessed to the killings before dying of lung cancer while incarcerated in Michigan. … Read more