Ram Attack Claims Lives of Elderly Couple During Breeding Season: Animal Behaviourist Urges Caution

Auckland, New Zealand – A tragic incident involving a ram and a retired couple in their 80s has raised concerns about safety during the breeding season. The couple was found deceased in a paddock on their rural property in West Auckland. According to police reports, the ram in the paddock was exhibiting aggressive behavior, leading … Read more

Xylazine Alert: Dangerous Animal Tranquilizer Found in Cannabis Vapes and Illicit Sedatives in the UK

London, UK – The rise of xylazine in illicit drugs like cannabis vapes and sedatives in the UK has raised concerns among researchers about potential health risks. Contrary to the US, where xylazine is frequently mixed with powerful opioids, its presence in the UK market has been steadily increasing since 2022, leading to several deaths, … Read more

Zoo Staff Deal With Profound Sadness After Recent Animal Deaths

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – The Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium held a press conference to address the recent string of animal deaths, shedding light on the challenges faced by the zoo staff amidst these losses. The zoo president and CEO, Dr. Jeremy Goodman, revealed that the zoo normally experiences 15-25 deaths of animals annually, but has recently … Read more

Tragic Animal Deaths Addressed by Pittsburgh Zoo Amid Profound Sadness

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – The Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium held a press conference on Monday to discuss the recent deaths of multiple animals in their care. Dr. Jeremy Goodman, the zoo’s president and CEO, expressed deep sorrow over the loss of five animals, addressing how the zoo staff is coping with these heartbreaking events. During the … Read more

Deaths of Beloved Animals at Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium Raise Concerns About Animal Welfare

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA – The Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium is facing a series of recent animal deaths that have stirred emotions among staff members, the organization disclosed at a news conference held on Monday. Dr. Jeremy Goodman, the zoo’s president and CEO, expressed the deep sadness felt by the staff following the loss of five cherished … Read more

Zoo Mourning Three Animal Deaths Amidst Staff Grief: Details Revealed

PITTSBURGH, PA – The Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium recently faced a series of animal deaths, causing profound sadness among the staff. Addressing the public in a briefing, Jeremy Goodman, the zoo’s president and CEO, expressed the difficulty the staff is experiencing during this challenging time. The zoo temporarily closed its doors to allow employees to … Read more

Barbara Wible Confronts Cuyahoga County Judge in Parma Animal Cruelty Case

CLEVELAND, OHIO – A woman appeared in front of a Cuyahoga County judge to face animal cruelty charges related to the deaths of multiple dogs in Parma. Barbara Wible, the accused, stood in court as the judge addressed the case. According to court records, Wible’s charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty after numerous dogs … Read more

Grieving Pittsburgh Zoo Set to Reopen After Animal Deaths

PITTSBURGH – After a temporary closure to allow staff to grieve, the Pittsburgh Zoo is scheduled to resume operations on Sunday. The closure was prompted by the recent deaths of several animals at the zoo, including an elephant calf named Tsuni, who died from a virus, and Mrithi, a silverback western lowland gorilla who passed … Read more

Zoo and Aquarium Reopens in Pittsburgh Following Recent Animal Deaths

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania – After a period of mourning for the recent loss of two beloved animals, the Pittsburgh Zoo is ready to welcome visitors once again on Sunday. The closure on Saturday allowed the zoo staff to grieve and process the deaths of Tsuni, an elephant calf who succumbed to a virus, and Mrithi, a … Read more

Robbers Open Fire at Fatehabad Animal Fair, Killing One and Injuring Two

Fatehabad, India – A tragic incident unfolded at an animal fair in Fatehabad’s Sardarewala village on Tuesday, as five robbers opened fire, resulting in one fatality and two injuries. The deceased has been identified as Dishan, 32, of Uttar Pradesh, while the injured are currently receiving treatment at a civil hospital in Ratia. The chaos … Read more