Teenagers Charged with Murder in Killing of Garinger High School Student, Suspects Remain Unidentified

Charlotte, N.C. – Two teenagers face murder charges in relation to the death of a Garinger High School student in January, as announced by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police on Thursday. The suspects, whose identities have not been revealed due to their age, were arrested for their alleged involvement in the fatal shooting. On January 16, 17-year-old … Read more

Foggy NH-9 Accident: Unidentified Person Fatally Hit and Run Over by Multiple Vehicles

GHAZIABAD, India – A tragic incident took place on National Highway 9 (NH-9) near Dasna in Ghaziabad, where an unidentified person was hit by a speeding vehicle early Monday morning. Subsequently, the individual was then run over by multiple vehicles due to dense fog and low visibility conditions, according to police officers on Tuesday. By … Read more

Unidentified Victim of Happy Face Serial Killer Gets DNA Results, Desperate Search for Her Identity Continues

Seattle, Washington – A woman from Seattle recently discovered that her half-sister was the last unidentified victim of the notorious Happy Face Killer. Summer Gonzales, who was contacted by law enforcement in California about a year ago, had no idea she even had a half-sister until she received the shocking news. The victim, whose name … Read more

Serial Killer Harold Shipman’s Family Fears Hundreds of Unidentified Victims

TODMORDEN, ENGLAND – Twenty years after the death of notorious serial killer Harold Shipman, the family of his first victim, Eva Lyons, fears that there may still be hundreds of unidentified victims. Shipman, a former doctor, fatally overdosed Lyons with morphine in 1975, before callously informing her husband of her death. Lyons’ family only discovered … Read more

Unidentified Victim of 90s Serial Killer May Have DNA Ties to Southwest Louisiana

RIVERSIDE COUNTY, Calif. – A long-standing California murder mystery may have ties to Southwest Louisiana. Cold case investigators are using advancements in DNA technology to try and identify a woman who was brutally murdered and dumped on the side of a road more than 30 years ago. The woman is believed to be one of … Read more

Unidentified Victim of Happy Face Killer Sought After 29 Years

Riverside, California – Authorities in Riverside County have identified nearly all of the victims of the notorious “Happy Face Killer,” with the exception of one woman whose identity remains a mystery. The killer, Keith Hunter Jesperson, confessed to the woman’s murder in 1992, but provided potentially inaccurate information about her identity. Law enforcement officials are … Read more

Unidentified Gunmen Kill Major Muntajab Mohsen Pribdani in Syria’s Deraa Province, Sparking Concerns of Ongoing Instability

Unidentified gunmen fatally shot Major Muntajab Mohsen Pribdani, head of prison security, and seriously wounded four officers in Deraa, Syria, according to a statement from the Interior Ministry. Despite being liberated from terrorism in 2018, Deraa continues to experience attacks by irregular gangs, which threaten to disrupt the ongoing reconciliation efforts in the region. The … Read more

Unidentified Gunman Kills Victim in Quezon Province Robbery, Police Investigating

LUCEAN CITY, Quezon Province – A disturbing incident occurred in Candelaria, Quezon as a still unidentified robber shot and killed one of his victims after robbing them of their cell phones on Saturday, December 30. According to a report from Region 4A police on Sunday, December 31, the victims, identified only as “Edwin” and “Marites,” … Read more