I-55 Seven Fatality Crash Shows Near Zero Visibility, 168 Vehicles Damaged

MANCHAC, Louisiana – A multi-vehicle crash on I-55 left seven people dead, 63 injured, and 168 vehicles damaged during extremely dense fog that reduced visibility to almost zero on Monday morning. The crash happened in a series of at least three clusters, causing chaos and destruction. State Police updated the public on Tuesday evening, confirming … Read more

Foggy NH-9 Accident: Unidentified Person Fatally Hit and Run Over by Multiple Vehicles

GHAZIABAD, India – A tragic incident took place on National Highway 9 (NH-9) near Dasna in Ghaziabad, where an unidentified person was hit by a speeding vehicle early Monday morning. Subsequently, the individual was then run over by multiple vehicles due to dense fog and low visibility conditions, according to police officers on Tuesday. By … Read more

Devastating Damage: Hawaii Sees Multiple Overturned Vehicles In Hurricane Tracker

HONOLULU, Hawaii – The Honolulu City Council is considering a bill that would ban single-use plastic bags on Oahu. The bill aims to reduce plastic pollution and encourage the use of reusable bags among residents and businesses. If passed, Oahu will join the other Hawaiian islands of Kauai, Maui, and Hawaii in implementing such a … Read more