Unidentified Victim of 90s Serial Killer May Have DNA Ties to Southwest Louisiana

RIVERSIDE COUNTY, Calif. – A long-standing California murder mystery may have ties to Southwest Louisiana. Cold case investigators are using advancements in DNA technology to try and identify a woman who was brutally murdered and dumped on the side of a road more than 30 years ago. The woman is believed to be one of … Read more

Tiran Alles: Alleged Ties to Violent Attack on Sri Lankan Business Tycoon Spark Political Turmoil

WELIGAMA, Sri Lanka – A violent attack on a prominent business tycoon in Sri Lanka has unearthed a shocking nexus between political figures and criminal elements. The incident took place at the W15 Hotel in the southern part of the country, owned by MH Jameel, son of Governor Muzzamil, and allegedly involved Public Security Minister … Read more