Indrani Mukerjea’s Shocking Response to Questions About Daughter’s Murder in New Documentary Trailer

Mumbai, India – In a recent interview, Indrani Mukerjea was asked a direct and profound question about whether or not she was responsible for the death of her daughter, Sheena Bora. The response she gave was nothing short of shocking. The interview has garnered widespread attention and brought the case back into the spotlight, raising … Read more

Showmax Unveils Trailer for Catch Me A Killer Starring Game of Thrones’ Charlotte Hope as South Africa’s First Serial Killer Profiler

Johannesburg, South Africa – Showmax has released a trailer for “Catch Me A Killer,” a new TV series featuring Charlotte Hope from “Game of Thrones.” Co-produced with Germany’s Night Train Media, the series is set to launch next month and follows the story of South Africa’s renowned serial killer profiler Micki Pistorius, portrayed by Hope. … Read more

Shark Horror and Plane Crash Merge in New ‘No Way Up’ Trailer

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – A new trailer has been released for the upcoming film “No Way Up,” which combines elements of shark horror and a dramatic plane crash. The trailer promises an intense and thrilling experience for viewers as it provides a glimpse into the terrifying scenarios that the characters will face. The film is … Read more

Controversial Trailer Reveals Dark Side of Mickey Mouse in “Mickey’s Mouse Trap” Film

ANAHEIM, California – The much-anticipated trailer for “Mickey’s Mouse Trap” has finally been unveiled, revealing a dark and unexpected twist to the beloved Disney character Mickey Mouse. Released on the day the iconic Steamboat Willie entered the public domain, the horror comedy film takes Mickey into uncharted territory as a masked killer. The trailer opens … Read more