Murder Charges Filed in Charlotte Killing: Suspects Arrested and Charged

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina – Two individuals have been arrested in connection to the killing of 32-year-old Jonathan Dockery in southwest Charlotte, as confirmed by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. The suspects, 40-year-olds Tadarian Neal and Asia Tapp, were apprehended by CMPD’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Team on Friday, June 14. After being questioned by detectives, both Neal … Read more

Investigation: Charlotte Police Determined Suspect Acted Alone in Deaths of 4 Officers

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA – A recent investigation conducted by Charlotte police into the deaths of four officers has concluded that the suspect acted alone and that no friendly fire was involved. The findings shed light on the tragic incident that unfolded, leaving a community in mourning. The incident, which took place at a local shopping … Read more

Investigation Reveals Sole Shooter Responsible for Fatal Shooting of Law Enforcement Officers in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Law enforcement authorities in North Carolina’s largest city confirmed on Friday that the fatal shooting of four officers a month ago was carried out by a lone gunman, ruling out any possibility of friendly fire in the incident. Deputy Chief Tonya Arrington of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department made the announcement during a … Read more

Charlotte Police Confirm: Lone Shooter Responsible for Fatal Shooting of Four Officers

Charlotte, North Carolina – Police in Charlotte, North Carolina announced on Friday that a lone shooter was responsible for the deaths of four law enforcement officers a month ago. The incident, which took place in a residential neighborhood, left four officers dead and four others wounded, making it the deadliest shooting against law enforcement officers … Read more

Suspect Acted Alone in Fatal Shooting of Four Law Enforcement Officers in Charlotte, NC: Investigation Update

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Authorities in North Carolina‚Äôs largest city provided an update on the investigation into the tragic shooting incident that resulted in the deaths of four law enforcement officers a month ago. According to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Deputy Police Chief Tonya Arrington, it has been determined that the shooter acted alone and was solely responsible for … Read more

Gunfight Confirmed: Single Shooter in Charlotte Police Shooting Rampage

Charlotte, North Carolina – In a recent press conference, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officials provided new details surrounding the tragic events of April 29, where four officers lost their lives in a gunfight that also left five others wounded. Deputy Chief Tonya Arrington revealed that after an exhaustive examination of evidence, including 1,100 video clips, they have … Read more

Protection Proposals Considered After Deadly Charlotte Officer Shooting

Charlotte, N.C. – Following the tragic officer shooting incident on April 29 in east Charlotte, local leaders are exploring ways to enhance the safety and protection of Charlotte-Mecklenburg police. During a recent council meeting, Councilmember Tariq Bokhari (District 6) revealed that in response to suggestions from surviving officers, he is proposing investments in safety measures … Read more

Suspect Identified in Fatal North Charlotte Shooting: Reginald Harrison, 21, Wanted for Murder

Charlotte, North Carolina – A suspect wanted for the fatal shooting of a 20-year-old in north Charlotte back in March has been identified by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police, authorities announced on Monday. The incident took place on Thursday, March 14th near 4500 Tanager Park Drive off Sunset Road in north Charlotte, where Nasir Boyd, 20, was … Read more

Gas Station Shooting in West Charlotte Leaves Man Dead and Community in Shock

Charlotte, North Carolina – A man was tragically shot seven times at a gas station in West Charlotte, leading to his untimely death. The horrific incident unfolded with startling violence, as the victim faced a harrowing attack at the seemingly ordinary location. Law enforcement officials have launched a thorough investigation into the shooting, aiming to … Read more

Funeral Procession Honors Slain Charlotte Police Officer

Charlotte, North Carolina – Hundreds of law enforcement officers gathered to honor one of their own after a tragic shootout left four officers dead. The incident stemmed from a confrontation with felon Terry Clark Hughes, who fired over 100 rounds at officers from a high-powered rifle before being fatally shot. Among the victims were officers … Read more