Heat-related deaths in India: Grim undercount and inadequate preparations for future swelters

BENGALURU, India – In India this year, soaring temperatures reaching over 50 degrees Celsius (122 Fahrenheit) led to a devastating heatwave, the worst in over a decade. The scorching heat claimed the lives of hundreds and left many more ill. However, official reports of the number of deaths paint an incomplete picture, highlighting the challenges … Read more

Violence Against Journalists Threatens Democracy in India: Deccan Chronicle Office Attacked

Visakhapatnam, India – Recent violent attacks on media outlets in India, particularly the vandalization of the Deccan Chronicle office in Visakhapatnam by members of the ruling Telugu Desam Party, have raised concerns about the state of press freedom and democracy in the country. These incidents reflect a broader trend of escalating violence against journalists, threatening … Read more

Heat-related Deaths in India: Undercounting Impacting Response to Heat Wavesurban

Hyderabad, India – India may not be accurately reporting the number of deaths caused by extreme heat, which could be impacting its ability to respond effectively to the rising frequency of severe heat waves. Researchers suggest that the current methods of counting heat-related deaths are flawed, leading to a potential underestimation of the true impact … Read more

Heat-Related Deaths in India Severely Undercounted, Public Health Experts Urge Better Data Collection for Future Preparedness

BENGALURU, India – The scorching temperatures in parts of India this year have reached over 50 degrees Celsius (122 Fahrenheit), marking the worst heat wave in over a decade. The impact of this extreme heat has left hundreds dead or ill, although the official death toll reported by the government only scratches the surface of … Read more

Heatwave Deaths in India Likely Undercounted, Experts Say – Impact on Future Preparations

BENGALURU, India – The scorching temperatures in parts of India this year, exceeding 50 degrees Celsius and resulting in the country’s worst heat wave in over a decade, have led to hundreds of deaths and illnesses. However, the official death toll reported by the government significantly underrepresents the true impact of the heat wave, hindering … Read more

Gandhi Condemns BJP Violence and Vandalism in Gujarat: INDIA Alliance Set to Triumph

New Delhi, India – Rahul Gandhi, the Leader of the Opposition in Lok Sabha, found himself embroiled in controversy once again after his comments on Hinduism ignited a firestorm in Parliament. The political tension escalated when the Gujarat Congress office was reportedly attacked by members of the Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP). On … Read more

Muslim-Population Explosion Myth Debunked in India: Hamare Baarah

New Delhi, India – The recent debate on India’s Muslim population explosion has generated significant interest and controversy. The issue, often referred to as “Hamare Baarah,” questions the notion of a rapid increase in the Muslim population and its implications for the country’s demographics. A key concern raised in the discussion is the accuracy of … Read more

Heatwave Crisis: Over 100 Deaths and 40,000 Cases Reported in India Due to Extreme Temperatures

New Delhi, India: As temperatures soar to around 50° Celsius, India has reported 110 heat stroke-related deaths and 40,272 suspected cases as of June 18, according to data from the health ministry. The majority of cases and deaths have been reported in rural areas, where strenuous outdoor work in agriculture exacerbates the impact of the … Read more

City Desk Journalists Provide Real-Time Coverage of Urban Life Across India

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Polling Staff in India Suffer Fatal Heatstroke on Election Day

New Delhi, India — Dozens of lives were tragically lost among polling staff due to heatstroke on the final day of India’s election. The scorching temperatures took a toll on individuals working to ensure a successful electoral process. The incident occurred as workers were engaged in the crucial task of managing polling stations during the … Read more