Earthquake Devastation: Japan’s Western Coastline Race Against Time for Survivors

Rescuers in Suzu, Japan are facing a race against time as they search for survivors along the western coastline after a powerful earthquake left at least 78 people dead and 51 missing. The aftermath of the earthquake has presented challenges, with the risk of landslides heightened by expected downpours and possible snowfall in the area. … Read more

Baby Stabbing Survivor’s Condition Improves after Bondi Junction Tragedy

Sydney, Australia – A tragic stabbing rampage at Bondi Junction Westfield in Sydney’s east left six victims dead, including a mother who heroically sacrificed her life to protect her young daughter. The attacker, identified as 40-year-old Joel Cauchi, also injured 12 other individuals during the violent incident. As the community grapples with the aftermath of … Read more

Lebanon Crisis Unveiled: Award-Winning Journalist Dalal Mawad Discusses Women Survivors in Recent Book

Beirut, Lebanon – Award-winning journalist Dalal Mawad delves into the aftermath of the devastating August 4, 2020, explosion in Beirut in her newly released book “All She Lost: The Explosion in Lebanon, the Collapse of a Nation and the Women who Survive.” This powerful work focuses on the stories of women who survived the explosion, … Read more

I-75 Plane Crash Survivors Reveal How They Escaped Deadly Explosion

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — A recent report by the Collier County Sheriff’s Office provided new details on how the survivors of the I-75 plane crash escaped the aircraft just before it exploded. The incident occurred on Feb. 9 when a business jet crashed onto the highway south of exit 107 around 3 p.m. after its … Read more

Survivors of Ohio Plane Crash on Florida Highway Share Harrowing Story of Escape as Pilots Perish

COLUMBUS, Ohio – New details have emerged about the harrowing escape of two passengers and a flight attendant from a private plane that crashed on a Florida highway, resulting in the tragic deaths of the two pilots. According to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office incident report on the Feb. 9 plane crash, the aircraft went … Read more

Explosion Survivors’ Recovery: 2 People Injured in House Blast that Killed 4, According to Family

Kalamazoo, Michigan – Two individuals injured in a house explosion that claimed the lives of four people are currently in the process of recovering, according to a statement from their family. The explosion occurred in a residential area and resulted in significant damage to surrounding properties. The cause of the explosion is still under investigation … Read more

Balloon Crash Sole Survivor’s Tragic Loss Revealed: Brother Murdered 2 Years Ago

After surviving a deadly hot air balloon crash that killed four, Valerie Stutterheim found herself facing another tragedy – the murder of her brother two years prior. The 24-year-old’s ordeal began when the hot air balloon she was in crashed in Lincoln, California, leaving her as the only survivor of the tragic accident. The crash … Read more

Thiokol 1971 Plant Explosion Survivors Commemorate Victims 53 Years Later With Annual Ceremony and Memorial

Woodbine, Georgia – In Woodbine, survivors and families gathered recently to commemorate the 53rd anniversary of the Thiokol Chemical plant explosion. This event was a tragic and unforgettable moment in American history, with the explosion claiming the lives of 30 workers and injuring more than 50 others, the majority of them Black women. The aftermath … Read more

Injustice: Legislation Re-Victimizes Survivors of Brutal Crimes

Washington, D.C. – A college freshman named Kristen Hubbard survived a horrific crime back in 1992 that gained national attention. She was debased, raped, and beaten by two kidnappers who also forced her and a friend to dig their own graves. The judge, as the young women sat close to their 16-year-old assailant in the … Read more

Survivor of Ted Bundy Attack Shares Valuable Advice for Trauma Survivors

Tallahassee, Florida – Kathy Kleiner Rubin, a survivor of the infamous serial killer Ted Bundy, shares valuable advice on how to support trauma victims based on her own harrowing experience. In a candid account, Rubin recounts the attack that took place when she was a 20-year-old sorority sister at the Chi Omega house in Florida … Read more