Baltimore Woman Sues Convicted Attacker and Companies for Negligence

Baltimore, Maryland – A Baltimore woman is taking legal action against Jason Billingsley, the man accused of assaulting her in a horrific incident last year, as well as the property company that employed him. April Hurley survived a brutal attack in her West Baltimore home, where she was bound, sexually assaulted, had her throat slit, … Read more

Misidentifed Man Sues Media for Allen Premium Outlets Mall Shooting Coverage

Houston, Texas – A man who was mistakenly identified as the shooter at the Allen Premium Outlets mall in a recent incident has taken legal action against several media outlets. The man, whose identity has not been disclosed, claims that the misinformation spread by the media has caused irreparable damage to his reputation and emotional … Read more

Defamation Lawsuit: Innocent North Texas Man Sues Fox News & Alternative Media Outlets for Misidentification as Neo-Nazi Mass Shooter

New York, NY – A man from North Texas has filed a lawsuit against multiple media outlets, including Fox News, for defamation after being wrongly identified as a neo-Nazi mass shooter at an outlet mall in May 2023. The incident occurred at the Allen Premium Outlets just north of Plano, where eight people were killed … Read more

California Mass Shooting Survivor Sues Mushroom Farm Owner for Negligence

Half Moon Bay, California – Pedro Romero Perez, the lone survivor of a tragic mass shooting at a mushroom farm, is taking legal action against the farm’s owner, Xianmin Guan. The attack, which occurred in January 2023, resulted in seven fatalities, including Perez’s brother, Jose Romero Perez. Perez, aged 24, sustained five gunshot wounds during … Read more

Farm Workers’ Family Sues in Aftermath of Half Moon Bay Mass Shooting

Half Moon Bay, California – A tragic mass shooting that claimed the lives of seven individuals and left one critically injured continues to unfold, with legal battles now surfacing in the aftermath. The surviving family members of two brothers, Jose Romero Perez and Pedro Felix Romero Perez, who were victims in the shooting, have filed … Read more

Teacher Sues Clark County School District Over Eldorado High School Attack

Las Vegas, Nevada – A former teacher at Eldorado High School in Las Vegas filed a lawsuit against the Clark County School District, alleging that the district failed to protect her from a violent attack by one of her students. The teacher, known as Sade Doe in the lawsuit, was brutally beaten and sexually assaulted … Read more

Murdered Metropolitan Police Officer’s Partner Sues ‘Shoddy’ Force Over Hidden Gun Cell Death

London, England – The partner of a Metropolitan Police officer who was murdered in his cell with a hidden gun is now suing the police force for negligence. The tragic incident took the life of officer Matt Ratana, who was shot and killed while on duty. The lawsuit alleges that the force’s lack of proper … Read more

Antisemitism Exposed: Jewish Student Sues Columbia Over ‘Virulently Hostile’ Environment

New York, USA – Rising incidents of anti-Jewish prejudice in the U.S. and around the world are making headlines in the latest “Antisemitism Exposed” newsletter by Fox News. In this edition, the newsletter covers several alarming stories related to antisemitism, including a lawsuit by a Jewish student against Columbia University and the refusal of an … Read more

LAS VEGAS High School Student Sues Over Violent Classroom Attack Amid Calls for School District Accountability

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — A violent incident at a high school in Las Vegas has sparked a new lawsuit against the Clark County School District. Video footage of the February 2022 attack, which was shared on social media, captured a girl being repeatedly punched in the head by another student as classmates looked on. The … Read more

Mall Shooting Victim Sues Owners and Security Company for Negligence in Indiana

GREENWOOD, Ind. – A woman injured during a mass shooting at the Greenwood Park Mall in July 2022 is now suing the mall’s owner and security company for negligence. The lawsuit alleges that the mall and security agency failed to prevent the shooting, resulting in severe and life-threatening injuries to the plaintiff, Kaya Stewart, and … Read more