Shooting Tragedy Leaves Two Dead in Southern Indiana Residence

HARRISON COUNTY, Ind. — A tragic incident unfolded on Friday night in southern Indiana, where two lives were lost due to a shooting, as reported by Indiana State Police. Responding to the distress call just after 6 p.m., Harrison County officers and ISP troopers arrived at a residence in the 3000 block of Mosquito Creek … Read more

Indiana Woman Sentenced to 90 Years for Murder and Conspiracy: Justice Served for Robert F. Doerr II

EVANSVILLE, Indiana — Elizabeth Fox-Doerr was sentenced to 90 years in prison for the 2019 killing of her husband, Robert F. Doerr II, a longtime Evansville firefighter. The emotional hearing took place in front of a packed courtroom, with Vanderburgh County Superior Court Judge Robert J. Pigman delivering the ruling. Fox-Doerr, aged 52, will serve … Read more

Homicide Ruled in Tragic Death of Indiana Boy in Foster Care

Liberty Township, Indiana – Dakota Levi Stevens, a 10-year-old boy who tragically passed away while in foster care, was determined to be a victim of a homicide by investigators. The Porter County Sheriff’s Office responded to a medical emergency at a residence in Liberty Township, where Stevens was under foster care, on April 27. Despite … Read more

Tornadoes Strike Midwest: Indiana, Kentucky at Enhanced Risk After Fatal Storms Hit Oklahoma

Barnsdall, Oklahoma is reeling after severe storms unleashed multiple tornadoes, with devastating consequences. The recent severe weather outbreak in the region has claimed one life, underscoring the destructive power of these natural disasters. This tragedy comes as a reminder of the vulnerability faced by communities in Tornado Alley, where the threat of twisters is a … Read more

Tornado Tragedy Strikes Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky: Devastation, Deaths, and Destruction Reported

Lakeview, Ohio, faced devastation as a tornado tore through the area in Logan County, northwest of Columbus, claiming the lives of at least three individuals, according to authorities. Multiple injuries were reported, with an RV park among the impacted areas. The storm caused extensive damage to numerous buildings in the Indian Lake region, leaving a … Read more

**Tornado** Strikes Winchester, Indiana: Widespread Destruction and Injuries Reported

A severe storm swept through East Central Indiana, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Tornadoes and severe thunderstorms wreaked havoc in areas spanning Indiana and Kentucky, causing widespread damage and injuring numerous individuals. The counties of Delaware and Randolph bore the brunt of the destruction on Thursday night, with homes flattened and communities … Read more

Tornadoes Cause Devastation with Multiple Deaths in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana

Columbus, Ohio – Multiple deaths have been reported in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana after violent storms and possible tornadoes tore through the region on Thursday night. The devastating weather left a trail of destruction, with reports of injuries and fatalities in several areas. The Logan County Coroner’s Office confirmed three deaths in Logan County, Ohio, … Read more

Shooting Tragedy Rocks Unincorporated Griffith: Three Men Found Dead in Northwest Indiana Home

Griffith, Indiana – Three men lost their lives in a tragic shooting incident at a home in unincorporated Griffith, a town in Northwest Indiana. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office revealed that the violent incident took place on Friday afternoon at a residence on Colfax Street. The shocking event drew a heavy police presence to the … Read more

Shooting Investigation in Indiana Points to Murder-Suicide Theory

Griffith, Indiana – Local authorities in northwest Indiana are investigating a tragic incident that resulted in the deaths of three individuals following a shooting at a residence on Colfax Street. The Lake County Sheriff’s Department is looking into the possibility that this may have been a murder-suicide, as reported on Friday. The Sheriff’s Department received … Read more

Tornadoes Devastate Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky, Leaving Three Dead and Dozens Injured

Logan County, Ohio – Severe weather and tornadoes wreaked havoc across parts of the Midwest overnight, resulting in at least three fatalities and numerous injuries. The hardest-hit area was Logan County, Ohio, where all three confirmed deaths occurred following a tornado that struck the region on Thursday night. In addition to the tragic loss of … Read more