Explosions Rock Occupied Mariupol as Resistance Movement Strikes Back

Mariupol, Ukraine – Explosions reverberated through all districts of temporarily occupied Mariupol, as reported by the Mariupol City Council on social media platform Telegram. Residents in the area were alarmed by the sounds of explosions echoing across the city. The council mentioned that the blasts were heard throughout the occupied city, with preliminary information pointing … Read more

Gaza Truce Proposal Met with Israeli Resistance: Latest Updates

Tel Aviv, Israel – Amidst ongoing conflict in the region, Israel remains hesitant about a proposed truce with Hamas in Gaza. The situation in the Middle East has escalated, with Israel conducting airstrikes in response to rocket attacks from Gaza. Tensions have been running high, leaving many Palestinians and Israelis caught in the crossfire. The … Read more

Los Angeles, CA – Judith Butler, a prominent academic known for their groundbreaking work on gender, has stirred controversy with their recent comments on the Israel-Hamas conflict. Butler, who is widely recognized for popularizing the concept of gender as performative in their 1990 book Gender Trouble, is facing backlash for their remarks about the October … Read more

Resistance in Sheikh Maqsoud: People Defend Neighborhood Against Violent Mercenary Attack

ALEPPO, SYRIA – In February 2016, following the anniversary of an international conspiracy against leader Abdullah Ocalan, a fierce attack was launched on the Tal Rifaat district in Aleppo. The neighborhood residents, known for their courage, bravely defended their homes and community against the onslaught of mercenary groups supported by the Turkish occupation state. Despite … Read more

Fatal Robbery Turns Deadly: Victim Shot Twice in Head for Resistance

DIJKOT, Pakistan – A home robbery turned deadly in Tandlianwala when a man was killed after resisting the intruders, leaving his brother critically injured. The robbers entered the house in the 419GB area, shooting 40-year-old Muhammad Iqbal twice in the head when he fought back. His brother, Ghulam Rasool, also sustained a bullet injury during … Read more

Tragic: Karachi Student Fatally Shot in Robbery Resistance

KARACHI, Pakistan: A young man tragically lost his life after being shot during a robbery attempt in the Surjani town area of Karachi. According to police officials, the bandits opened fire on the father-son duo after they resisted the robbery, resulting in both of them being injured. The father and son were rushed to Abbasi … Read more