Maine Police Defend Response to Deadly Mass Shooting as Independent Panel Investigates

AUGUSTA, Maine – Maine state police have faced criticism for their search efforts following a mass shooting at a bowling alley and bar last fall, where 18 people were killed. The shooter, Robert Card, died by suicide, but it took police two days to discover his body. The delay in finding Card’s body led to … Read more

Resistance in Sheikh Maqsoud: People Defend Neighborhood Against Violent Mercenary Attack

ALEPPO, SYRIA – In February 2016, following the anniversary of an international conspiracy against leader Abdullah Ocalan, a fierce attack was launched on the Tal Rifaat district in Aleppo. The neighborhood residents, known for their courage, bravely defended their homes and community against the onslaught of mercenary groups supported by the Turkish occupation state. Despite … Read more

Maine State Police Defend Response Delay in Lewiston Mass Shooting

Augusta, Maine – After the deadliest shooting in state history at a bowling alley and bar in Lewiston, the Maine State Police defended their delayed search for the gunman, Robert Card. The shooting left 18 people dead, and it took police two days to find Card’s body after he died by suicide. State Police Chief … Read more