Abduction Suspect Admits Crimes, Deserves Death Penalty, Says Authorities

JACKSON, Miss. – Facing capital murder and sexual battery charges, Daniel Callihan, who was arrested for the abduction of two girls from Louisiana, has admitted to his crimes and stated that he believes he deserves the death penalty. The tragic incident unfolded when Callihan allegedly brought the two girls across state lines into Mississippi, resulting … Read more

Brain Development Argument Used in Defense of Buffalo Supermarket Shooter Exemption from Death Penalty

Buffalo, New York – The defense team for the gunman responsible for the tragic shooting that claimed the lives of 10 Black individuals at a Buffalo supermarket is arguing that he should not be subject to the death penalty due to his age at the time of the attack. Citing advancements in the understanding of … Read more

Death Penalty Exemption Sought for Tops Shooter Due to Age

Buffalo, New York – Lawyers representing the individual responsible for the tragic shooting at a Tops grocery store in 2022 are requesting a federal court order to exempt him from facing the death penalty. The defense argues that the shooter was 18 years old at the time of the racially motivated mass shooting, making him … Read more

Death Penalty Sought for Buffalo Mass Shooter in Federal Case

Buffalo, New York – The Department of Justice has filed a notice of intent to seek the death penalty against Payton Gendron, the individual responsible for killing 10 Black individuals in a racially motivated shooting in Buffalo in 2022. Gendron faces federal charges for the mass shooting that took place at a Tops grocery store … Read more

SENTENCED: Chad Daybell Receives Death Penalty in Idaho Murder Case

Boise, Idaho – In a dramatic verdict, Chad Daybell was sentenced to death by a jury in Idaho. The decision to impose the death penalty marked a conclusion to a high-profile case that has gripped the nation for years. Daybell was found guilty of first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, grand theft, and insurance fraud … Read more

Verdict Reached in Daybell Murder Trial – Deliberations Continue for Possible Death Penalty

BOISE, Idaho – After a jury in Idaho delivered a guilty verdict in Chad Daybell’s triple murder trial, they will reconvene Saturday morning to determine if he will face the death penalty for the killings of his first wife and two of his second wife’s children. Daybell was found guilty of multiple charges related to … Read more

Death Penalty Sought for Missouri Man Charged with Murder of Court Employee and Police Officer

Kansas City, Missouri – Prosecutors in Missouri announced plans on Wednesday to pursue the death penalty against a man from the Kansas City area. The man is facing charges for the murder of a court employee attempting to serve an eviction notice and a police officer who responded to the scene. Larry Acree, a 70-year-old … Read more

Jury Selection Begins in Penalty Phase for Sebring Bank Shooter Facing Possible Death Sentence

Sebring, Florida – Jury selection commences on Monday in the penalty phase for Zephen Xaver, the man behind the tragic shooting that resulted in the deaths of five women at a Highlands County bank in 2019. Xaver’s fate, whether he will be sentenced to death, hangs in the balance as the legal proceedings unfold. On … Read more

King Avoids Death Penalty in PlayStation Murder Case Filing

Flint, Michigan – Federal prosecutors announced that they will not be seeking the death penalty in the case of a man charged with killing one person and injuring another. The suspect, Darel T. King, is facing charges related to a robbery and a firearm-related crime that led to the death of Daushawn Guthridge. This decision … Read more

Sebring Killer Faces Death Penalty as Jury Selection Begins

Sebring, Florida – Jury selection is underway in the penalty phase for Zephen Xaver, the man responsible for the tragic shooting at a Highlands County bank in 2019 that resulted in the deaths of five women. Xaver faces the possibility of receiving a death sentence for his actions. On January 23, 2019, Xaver entered the … Read more