Earthquake Rocks Taipei, Leaving Residents Shaken but Unharmed

Taipei, Taiwan – When the earthquake struck, residents were taken by surprise as the rumbling quickly grew in intensity, causing buildings to sway like ships at sea. While some mistook the initial vibrations for passing trucks on the nearby elevated road, the prolonged shaking made it evident that a seismic event was unfolding. Amidst the … Read more

Violent: Newport Beach Community Shaken by Unprovoked Attack on Retired Dentist During Morning Hike

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. – The peaceful morning hike for a retired dentist in Newport Beach, Calif., turned violent when he was attacked in an unprovoked incident. The community of Newport Beach is left shaken by the unexpected assault on the retired dentist. On the morning of the incident, the retired dentist was out for a … Read more

Shaken: Victim Recounts Attempted Armed Robbery in North Potomac

NORTH POTOMAC, MD – A victim was left shaken after an attempted armed robbery in North Potomac. The incident took place in the 14300 block of Travilah Road on Tuesday evening. According to police, the victim reported being approached by two individuals who demanded money while brandishing a weapon. The victim refused to comply with … Read more

Explosion Destroys Southeast D.C. Convenience Store, Leaves Neighborhood Shaken

WASHINGTON (AP) — A gas explosion in Southeast, D.C. leveled a convenience store on Thursday morning, causing shock and concern among neighbors and nearby business owners. While gas pipeline explosions and incidents in the U.S. cause more than a billion dollars’ worth of damage annually, the cause of this particular explosion in Anacostia remains uncommon. … Read more

Violent Attack in Las Vegas Courtroom Leaves City Shaken: Defendant Launches Assault on Judge

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – A violent attack inside a Las Vegas courtroom has left the city in shock. The incident involved a 30-year-old man with a criminal history who launched an assault on the presiding judge during his sentencing hearing for attempted battery with substantial bodily harm. The violent outburst was caught on video, showing … Read more