Trump’s 2024 Campaign Faces Disqualification Clause Lawsuits; Aimed At Removing His Name From The Ballot

If a person “engaged in insurrection,” they are prohibited from holding federal office. Even though similar campaigns to stop other Republicans from being on the ballot have failed, two groups are already planning a national campaign to remove Trump from the ballot because of the January 6.

QAnon Shaman Jacob Chansley Contacted The FBI One Day After The Capitol Riots

While requests for the release of the so-called “QAnon Shaman” based on the footage shown by Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson on January 6 continue to mount, a new video circulating online purports to be the phone conversation Jacob Chansley made to the FBI to authenticate his identification.

Donald Trump’s New Strategy Revealed For 2024 Election

The team of former President Donald Trump announced their plans for 2023, laying out an overwhelming campaign strategy for the 2024 elections. Former president’s spokesman Steven Cheung stated that the campaign is deploying top-level personnel in early voting states and growing its massive data operation to wage an overpowering campaign that’s never been seen before.