Moscow Court Hearing Reveals Disturbing Details About Crocus City Hall Suspects- Drunk Extremist Threatens Dog Walker, Teen Barber Shows Remorse

Moscow, Russia – Neighbors living near the suspected individuals involved in the Crocus City Hall shooting have shed light on their backgrounds. Reports indicate that one member of the group was known to have a history of violence when intoxicated, while another had established a successful career as a barber.

The group of individuals, including a father and his two sons, appeared in a Moscow court on suspicion of providing the terrorists with logistical support leading up to the tragic incident that claimed the lives of at least 139 concertgoers. Authorities apprehended Shamsidin Fariduni, believed to be the mastermind behind the attack, who reportedly enlisted the family to assist in his sinister plans.

According to residents in Podolsk, near Moscow, Fariduni, in a drunken state last year, menaced a dog walker in a fit of rage. One resident recounted a harrowing encounter with Fariduni, where he nearly ran her over while intoxicated. The young man proceeded to verbally abuse and threaten her, prompting her to contact the authorities out of concern for his behavior.

On the contrary, Muhammadsobir Faizov, the youngest member of the group at 19, was described by neighbors as a skilled barber who had garnered a loyal clientele at high-end salons in Ivanovo, northeast of Moscow. Faizov was known as a hardworking and reserved individual who dedicated long hours to his craft.

The arrests of Isroil Islomov, his sons Aminchon and Dilovar, shed light on the alleged roles each played in facilitating the heinous attack on Crocus City Hall. Authorities implicated the family members in aiding the terrorists and orchestrating their escape following the assault. The trio, all with backgrounds in transportation services, are detained while inquiries continue alongside another detainee linked to the incident.

Amid ongoing investigations, Russia’s Health Minister reported 22 victims remain in critical condition following the attack, with the death toll reaching 139 and rising. President Vladimir Putin referenced the gunmen as radical Islamists, hinting at possible Ukrainian involvement despite mounting evidence linking the attack to an ISIS affiliate. However, Kyiv adamantly denies any association with the tragic event.