Moscow Court Hearing Reveals Disturbing Details About Crocus City Hall Suspects- Drunk Extremist Threatens Dog Walker, Teen Barber Shows Remorse

Moscow, Russia – Neighbors living near the suspected individuals involved in the Crocus City Hall shooting have shed light on their backgrounds. Reports indicate that one member of the group was known to have a history of violence when intoxicated, while another had established a successful career as a barber. The group of individuals, including … Read more

Attack at Moscow’s Crocus City Hall Leaves 93 Dead as ISIS Claims Responsibility

Moscow, Russia – At least 93 people lost their lives and over 140 others sustained injuries in a horrifying attack at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow on Friday night. The assailants, armed with automatic weapons and explosives, created chaos at the concert hall, leading to a massive blaze. Among the victims were children, as … Read more

Battlefield Intensity May Increase After Putin Attack – Mystery Surrounds Crocus City Hall Event

MOSCOW, RUSSIA – Ukrainian MP Kira Rudik has raised concerns about the lack of transparency surrounding the recent attack at Crocus City Hall in Russia. Rudik emphasized that Russia’s refusal to allow international or independent observation leaves the world in the dark about what truly transpired during the incident. Speaking on Sky News’ The World, … Read more