Death Row Inmate David Westerfield Transferred to High Desert State Prison in California

San Quentin, California – David Westerfield, the man convicted of the 2002 kidnapping and murder of 7-year-old Danielle van Dam in Sabre Springs, has been transferred to a different state prison, according to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Westerfield, 72, was moved to High Desert State Prison in northeastern California on March 12 … Read more

Dominican Republic: Accused David Ortiz Attack Planner Found Dead

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic – The shocking discovery of a man initially accused of planning the shooting of former baseball star David Ortiz found dead in the Dominican Republic has left the community in disbelief. The mysterious circumstances surrounding his death have raised more questions than answers. The deceased man, whose identity has not been … Read more

Exploding Heads and Movie Magic: Behind the Insane Scene in David Cronenberg’s ‘Scanners’

Toronto, Canada – The iconic head explosion scene in David Cronenberg’s ‘Scanners’ is not only known for its shocking and graphic nature but also for the hilarious and brutal story behind its creation. The scene, which has become a cult classic in the realm of horror movies, continues to captivate audiences decades after the film’s … Read more

Exclusive: Aide Julie Cushion Revisits Day of Sir David Amess’s Murder

LEIGH-ON-SEA, England: Two years ago, fanatical terrorist Ali Harbi Ali fatally stabbed the much-loved 69-year-old Conservative MP for Southend West, David Amess. The gruesome incident occurred at the Belfairs Methodist Church, where Sir Amess was carrying out his weekly constituency surgeries. Julie Cushion, a former aide to Sir Amess, who was present at the church … Read more

Parole a Possibility: Notorious American Criminals Susan Smith, David Berkowitz, Patricia Krenwinkel and Edmund Kemper Prepare for Release Hearings After Decades Behind Bars

Columbia, South Carolina – In 2024, there may be the potential for several notorious criminals in the United States to be released on parole after spending decades behind bars for heinous crimes. However, while their release is not guaranteed, they must demonstrate reformation in front of a parole board before being considered for freedom. Among … Read more

Child-Killer David Boyd Jailed for Life After Decades-Old Murder_CASE_MONTHLY SUMMARY

Teesside, England has seen several high-profile court cases this year, resulting in lengthy prison sentences for criminals involved. A notable case involves the child killer David Boyd, who had escaped justice for more than 30 years after murdering seven-year-old Nikki Allan in 1992. Boyd was finally convicted earlier this year and sentenced to a minimum … Read more