More Pain Coming To Your Wallet

As a result of testimony given by the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, the likelihood of a sizable increase in interest rates has gone up, and more suffering is on the way. During his semiannual congressional testimony on Tuesday, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve adopted a hawkish tone, increasing the likelihood of a larger interest rate in the near future.

Biden Sees Backlash From Republicans After Signing Legislation Ahead of Spending-Plan.

On Friday, the 23rd of December, President Joe Biden signed a short-term measure to keep the government running until the approaching $1.7 trillion budget plan is passed.

This new, short-term bill pushes the deadline for financing to the 30th of December, providing the White House with some breathing room while President Biden prepares to sign the far more expensive funding plan in the following week.

Democrats Push Ahead With Their Spending Plans Despite Opposition

Senate Democrats push ahead with their spending plans while talks stall. GOP critics claim the package includes large hikes for the IRS and other non-defense agencies. A top Senate Democrat stated that his party intends to introduce an omnibus spending bill on Monday to press Republicans into accepting a deal or risking an alternative that would freeze government spending for the entire year and prevent reallocating funds to military and other programs.

Defunding Woke Democrat Initiatives is A Key Aspect in Creating a Balanced Budget for Republican Majority.  

To get support for their plan in the incoming Republican-led House, the Center for Renewing America, which the former Trump administration officials run, published a budget plan on Wednesday.

The blueprint stated that America could not be saved unless the existing agenda of a ‘woke’ and ‘weaponized’ government were broken because those are our nation’s primary and most pressing threat; therefore, politicians must stand tall to defeat it.