Defunding Woke Democrat Initiatives is A Key Aspect in Creating a Balanced Budget for Republican Majority.  

To get support for their plan from the incoming Republican-led House, the Center for Renewing America, which the former Trump administration officials run, published a budget plan on Wednesday.

The blueprint stated that America could not be saved unless the existing agenda of a ‘woke’ and ‘weaponized’ government were broken because those are our nation’s primary and most pressing threat; therefore, politicians must stand tall to defeat it.

The budget suggests making significant changes to the initiatives and services that the organization considers to be ‘woke’ and currently supported by the Biden administration. Over the following ten years, $9 trillion in budget reductions are suggested to be made.

Given the FBI’s alleged abuse of power, including targeting parents as “domestic terrorists,” raiding the houses of pro-life advocates, and raiding the residence of former president Trump, the plan calls for a 13% drop in FBI spending, among other cuts.

The Office of Environmental Justice would be abolished, along with the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division and Environment and Natural Resources Division. By eliminating offices that preach critical race and gender theory, it would slash the National Institutes of Health by 21%.

The controversial programs at the State Department that the Center of Renewing America would further eliminate support for drag theater performances, LGBT poetry readings, and other events, as would the Housing and Urban Development program that supports “health equity” and “social justice.”

It would also seek to put an end to the “woke mandates” implemented at the Defense Department that deal with “radical gender theory” and “critical race theory.”

The Department of Education would be encouraged to make a drastic 25% decrease overall because, according to the research, “equity” issues are ingrained “throughout the entirety of its operations.” Furthermore, it would stop supporting the bill that President Joe Biden signed into effect to hire hundreds of new IRS agents.

The Commerce Department would lose 21% of its budget, and the Environmental Protection Agency would lose 30% of its budget, in part due to the Commerce Department’s “climate extremism.”

However, the Transportation Department’s budget would increase by 10% to support infrastructure repairs, and the new ‘improved’ federal budget would provide more funding to strengthen border security. The hypothetical budget was configured by Russ Vought, the organization’s president, and previous director of the White House Office of Management and Budget under Trump.

Conservatives have long contended that Republicans give in to budget disputes too cheaply rather than utilizing them to gain electoral concessions. The shutdown in late 2018 over funding for President Trump’s border wall shows that Democrats don’t mind using the budget process as a weapon.

The shutdown in late 2018 over funding for President Trump’s border wall shows that Democrats don’t mind using the budget process as a weapon.