Safety Concerns Prompt Majority of Georgia Teachers to Consider Quitting Jobs

Atlanta, Georgia – In a recent survey conducted by Channel 2 Action News, a majority of teachers in Georgia have expressed serious concerns about their safety in the classroom. The survey, which included nearly 1,000 participants in Georgia and over 8,000 nationwide, shed light on the alarming experiences of educators across the country. Shockingly, two … Read more

Infant Bedsharing Linked to Majority of Sudden Unexpected Deaths in US

Denver, Colorado – Unsafe sleep practices remain a significant concern contributing to sudden unexpected infant deaths in the United States. According to a recent study published in Pediatrics, about 75% of infants who died from sudden unexpected infant death were affected by multiple unsafe practices at the time of their death. Additionally, nearly 60% of … Read more

TIPPING TURMOIL: Majority of Americans Frustrated with Excessive Gratuity Requests

Murray, Kentucky – Tipping culture in America has taken a new turn in recent years, with the rise of “tipflation” leaving many customers feeling overwhelmed by requests for gratuities. This trend has been particularly pronounced since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, as digital payment systems have become more prevalent in businesses across the country. … Read more

Abortion Views Across America: New Survey Shows Majority Support Legalization amid Supreme Court Decision

Washington, D.C. – A recent survey conducted by the Pew Research Center sheds light on Americans’ varying views on the legality of abortion, following the Supreme Court’s decision that ended the constitutional right to abortion in June 2022. The survey revealed that 62% of U.S. adults believe that abortion should be legal in all or … Read more

Unsafe Sleep Practices Linked to Majority of Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths, Study Finds

Charlottesville, Virginia – Unsafe sleep practices have been found to contribute to over three-quarters of Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths in various jurisdictions from 2011 to 2020, according to a recent study. The research highlights the urgent need for more comprehensive safe-sleep education for new parents, especially from healthcare professionals. Among the 7,595 infant deaths reviewed, … Read more