Thousands Gather for Largest Pro-Palestine Rally in Pakistan

Islamabad, Pakistan – Thousands of individuals, including women and children, gathered on Sunday in Islamabad for the largest pro-Palestine rally since Israel’s war on Gaza began in October. This demonstration comes as part of a global wave of protests expressing anger at the international community’s perceived inaction in stopping Israel’s bombardments. In Martyrs’ Square in … Read more

Winter Storm Wreaking Havoc in Ukraine, Moldova, and Russia Leaves 13 Dead and Hundreds of Thousands Without Power

A devastating winter storm wreaked havoc across Southeastern Europe and the Black Sea coast, resulting in at least 13 fatalities and several injuries in Ukraine, Moldova, and Russia. The storm, which brought strong winds and heavy snowfall, caused the toppling of trees and power lines, leaving hundreds of thousands of people without electricity. Ukrainian President … Read more

Teen Stabbing at London NYE Fireworks: Witnessed by Thousands

London, England – A teenage boy was fatally stabbed just minutes before the city’s New Year’s Eve fireworks display, shocking thousands of revelers who had gathered to witness the annual festivities. The tragic incident took place at the top of Primrose Hill in Camden, where police officers had to navigate through large crowds to reach … Read more