DNA Breakthrough Revives Decades-Old Murder Case+’_A DNA sample found in a ditch where 21-year-old woman was shot in 1975 has reignited investigation’

Trimont, Minnesota – A cold case from 1975 has been reinvigorated with the discovery of a new DNA sample in the murder investigation of 21-year-old JoAnn Bontjes. The breakthrough has sparked hope in solving a nearly 50-year-old mystery that has haunted the community for decades. According to Martin County Sheriff Jeff Markquart, an unknown DNA … Read more

Rock-afire Explosion Revival: Teen Revives Cult Animatronic Band for Summer Concerts at Volo Museum

VOLO, Illinois – Rock-afire Explosion, the iconic animatronic band that once graced ShowBiz Pizza Place and later Chuck E. Cheese, is making a comeback thanks to the efforts of 17-year-old Jacob Mickan. The band, created by Aaron Fechter and featured in a 2008 documentary, has garnered a cult following over the years. Mickan, hailing from … Read more