Rock-afire Explosion Revival: Teen Revives Cult Animatronic Band for Summer Concerts at Volo Museum

VOLO, Illinois – Rock-afire Explosion, the iconic animatronic band that once graced ShowBiz Pizza Place and later Chuck E. Cheese, is making a comeback thanks to the efforts of 17-year-old Jacob Mickan. The band, created by Aaron Fechter and featured in a 2008 documentary, has garnered a cult following over the years. Mickan, hailing from … Read more

Nova Explosion Visible This Summer: NASA Reports Rare Celestial Event

Grand Rapids, Michigan – This year has already proven to be full of unique celestial events. April 8th, residents will have the opportunity to witness a total solar eclipse that will not occur again for another 28 years. Additionally, NASA has announced that a rare nova explosion in the T Coronae Borealis region will be … Read more

Deadly: Multiple Deaths in National Parks Linked to Hazardous Heat Since Start of Summer

LOS ANGELES – The summer season has taken a deadly turn at national parks, with five reported deaths attributed to hazardous heat. As temperatures rise across the country, the dangers of heat-related illnesses become more pronounced, especially in outdoor recreational areas. The recent fatalities have occurred at various national parks, highlighting the need for visitors … Read more

Murder Suspects Arrested in Shooting Death of Los Angeles Summer Night Lights Volunteer

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The shooting death of a volunteer with Los Angeles’ Summer Night Lights program at a recreation center has led to the arrest of two San Pedro men, one of whom was found in Mexico. Jose Quezada, 46, of Carson, was fatally shot during a Summer Night Lights event at the Wilmington … Read more