Rock-afire Explosion Revival: Teen Revives Cult Animatronic Band for Summer Concerts at Volo Museum

VOLO, Illinois – Rock-afire Explosion, the iconic animatronic band that once graced ShowBiz Pizza Place and later Chuck E. Cheese, is making a comeback thanks to the efforts of 17-year-old Jacob Mickan. The band, created by Aaron Fechter and featured in a 2008 documentary, has garnered a cult following over the years. Mickan, hailing from Crystal Lake, is diligently restoring the band to its former glory for a series of summer concerts at the Volo Museum.

Excitement is building at the Volo Museum as preparations for the Rock-afire Explosion concerts are underway. Brian Grams, the museum’s director, has been overseeing the restoration process of the animatronic band, a challenging feat given their age and complexity. The museum’s acquisition of the complete set in 2019 makes it one of the few locations where a full Rock-afire show can be experienced by the public.

With meticulous attention to detail, Mickan has been working tirelessly to revive each character of the Rock-afire Explosion, ensuring that their movements and features are restored to perfection. His passion for animatronics was sparked by a popular video game and a childhood visit to a Chuck E. Cheese, where the animatronics left a lasting impression on him.

Despite the significant investment in purchasing and restoring the band, Grams is excited to bring the beloved characters back to life for families to enjoy. The construction of a new stage and plans for free shows during fair weather demonstrate the museum’s commitment to preserving this iconic piece of entertainment history. Aaron Fechter, the original creator of Rock-afire Explosion, is also thrilled about the band’s reintroduction at Volo.

As the summer approaches, visitors can look forward to experiencing the magic of the Rock-afire Explosion at the Volo Museum. The opportunity to witness this nostalgic production in action is a testament to the enduring appeal of these animatronic characters. For those eager to relive the magic of ShowBiz Pizza Place or introduce a new generation to the wonders of Rock-afire Explosion, the Volo Museum promises an unforgettable experience.