Rock-afire Explosion Revival: Teen Revives Cult Animatronic Band for Summer Concerts at Volo Museum

VOLO, Illinois – Rock-afire Explosion, the iconic animatronic band that once graced ShowBiz Pizza Place and later Chuck E. Cheese, is making a comeback thanks to the efforts of 17-year-old Jacob Mickan. The band, created by Aaron Fechter and featured in a 2008 documentary, has garnered a cult following over the years. Mickan, hailing from … Read more

Breakfast Revival: Must-Visit Bay Area Café and Restaurant Explosion

San Francisco, California – As the restaurant industry in the Bay Area begins to see signs of recovery, an array of enticing new dining establishments have emerged in 2024. This surge not only signifies the industry’s rebound but also reflects the eagerness of diners to reconnect and socialize once more. Among the plethora of new … Read more