Overdose Rate in Baltimore Hits Unprecedented High: An In-Depth Investigation

Baltimore, Maryland has been grappling with an unprecedented overdose crisis, with the city experiencing a surge in drug-related deaths unlike any other major American city. Over the past six years, nearly 6,000 lives have been lost to overdoses, representing a death rate that surpasses that of any other large city in the country. The rate … Read more

**Cleveland**: Data Reveals Shocking Homicide Rate Tops England and Wales

Cleveland, England has been revealed to have the highest homicide rate in all of England and Wales. Recent data shows a concerning trend of increasing homicides over the past three years in Cleveland, following a temporary decline during the initial covid-19 outbreak. The homicide rate in Cleveland for the year 2022/23 was 19.3 per million … Read more

Child Mortality Rate Declines in Southern Asia, But Millions Still at Risk from Preventable Causes

New Delhi, India — A recent UNICEF report reveals significant progress in reducing the mortality rate for children under the age of 5 in Southern Asia by 72% over the past thirty years. While this decline is a commendable achievement, millions of children in the region continue to lose their lives to preventable causes. According … Read more

Analysis: American Jails and Prisons Obscure True Rate of Inmate Deaths

LOS ANGELES, CA – The Los Angeles County jails experienced a significant increase in deaths in custody in 2023, with 45 reported deaths, including drug-related, homicides, suicides, and hypothermia cases. This number surpassed the pre-pandemic figures, raising concerns about the safety and well-being of incarcerated individuals. In their 2023 book, “Death in Custody: How America … Read more

Unsolved Murders in the US Rise Due to Declining Clearance Rate, Stressed Police Relations, & Surge in Stranger Killings

NEW YORK, NY – A recent report by the independent Council on Criminal Justice (CCJ) has revealed a concerning trend in the United States – the declining murder clearance rate. According to the report, the solve rate for homicides has dropped from 83.7 percent in 1964 to just 50 percent in 2022. If this pattern … Read more