Graffiti-Covered Building Owner in Hartford Faces Hefty Daily Fines

Granby, Connecticut – A tire explosion at an asphalt contractor in East Granby caused a fire that engulfed a payloader and other equipment early Wednesday morning. The explosion was heard in several towns, including Simsbury. Thankfully, no injuries were reported in this incident. In Vernon, Connecticut, a veteran police officer has been appointed as the … Read more

Scotland Frontline Workers Enduring Nearly 60 Daily Assaults, with Health Care Staff Most Vulnerable

In Glasgow, Scotland, nearly 60 assaults on frontline workers are reported every day, taking a toll on police officers, firefighters, paramedics, prison staff, shopworkers, railway employees, teachers, and NHS staff. Workers in hospitals and healthcare centers bear the brunt of the violence, experiencing an average of 31 incidents daily. A recent study by 1919 Magazine … Read more