Mobile Cop Killer Near Capital Murder Trial as Mobile County Prepares for First Death Penalty Case in Nearly Six Years

MOBILE, Ala. – The upcoming capital murder trial of Marco Antonio Perez is a significant event in Mobile, Alabama. This will be the first death penalty case in nearly six years and the first trial since the Alabama Legislature passed a law in 2017 putting sentencing solely in the hands of jurors.

According to Mobile County District Attorney Keith Blackwood, death penalty cases have been on hold since the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted jury trials in 2020. However, there are currently seven death penalty cases pending in Mobile County, including the case of Marco Antonio Perez, who is accused of the 2019 shooting death of Mobile police Officer Sean Tuder.

Blackwood emphasized the seriousness of seeking the death penalty, stating that it should only be reserved for the most heinous offenses. He also mentioned his decision to reevaluate cases already in the pipeline, withdrawing the state’s intention to seek death against a defendant in a 2020 double murder case. Additionally, Blackwood rejected calls to do away with the death penalty altogether, citing it as a necessary penalty for an ordered society.

The trial of Marco Antonio Perez will be a significant milestone for Mobile County, which has historically been one of the more active death penalty jurisdictions in the state. Despite its historical significance, Blackwood’s approach to the death penalty in the county reflects a careful and deliberate consideration of the circumstances surrounding each case.

In summary, the upcoming trial of Marco Antonio Perez represents the first death penalty case in nearly six years in Mobile County, Alabama. The case underscores the careful and deliberate approach taken by the Mobile County District Attorney’s Office in evaluating and seeking the death penalty for the most serious offenses.