Kenneth Law Charged with 14 Counts of 2nd-Degree Murder in Multiple Ontario Deaths

TORONTO, ON – A man accused of selling poison online has been charged with 14 counts of second-degree murder in connection with multiple deaths across Ontario. Kenneth Law, a 58-year-old from Mississauga, Ont., is facing the new charges, in addition to the 14 counts of counselling or aiding suicide that he was already facing.

The new charges are related to the deaths of alleged victims in multiple Ontario cities, ranging from Toronto to Thunder Bay. Law has been under investigation after police reported deaths linked to the toxic substances sold online. Stephen Mitchell Jr., 21, and Ashtyn Prosser, 19, are among the alleged victims listed in court documents.

Law has been accused of operating multiple websites to sell sodium nitrite and other harmful items. Authorities believe he sent at least 1,200 packages worldwide and that 160 packages were sent to Canadian addresses. The substance is a common food preservative that becomes deadly at high levels.

No charges have been laid abroad, but evidence suggests Law’s projects may be linked to 117 deaths worldwide, with 88 in the U.K. Multiple police forces are reviewing past sudden deaths in light of allegations against Law. The FBI is also reportedly investigating the situation in the U.S.

Family members of the alleged victims are relieved to see the new charges, expressing hope for justice. Gerald Cohn, whose brother died by suicide, mentioned meeting with FBI agents regarding the case. Law’s lawyer has confirmed the new charges but did not provide further comment at this time.

Law was first arrested in May after Peel Regional Police investigated two local deaths linked to his alleged poisonous substances. The investigation into Law’s online business continues as authorities work to uncover the full scope of the impact of his actions. The accused poison seller is scheduled to face the consequences of his alleged crimes as the legal process unfolds.

These developments shed light on the potential danger of selling toxic substances online and the impact it may have on individuals and families. As the investigation progresses, authorities will continue to work towards understanding the full extent of the harm caused by these activities.