Democrats have Severely Wounded America’s Soul

In a half-hour speech delivered from Scranton, Pa., Mr. McCarthy seized the themes that President Biden was addressing in a prime-time address. He turned them on their head against Democrats in a remarkable attempt at political jujitsu aimed at muddying the waters about Mr. Trump’s conduct and handling of sensitive government information.

FBI Vexed Donald Trump by Raiding Mar-a-Lago

Donald Trump said Monday that his opponents do not want him to run for President in 2024. He added that they would “do anything to stop Republicans and Conservatives in the upcoming Midterm Elections.”His Mar-a-Lago home in Palm Beach, Florida, was raided by FBI agents on Monday even though he said he was “working and … Read more

Trump Rips Rewrite of Electoral Count Act

Former President Donald Trump attacked the account of Democrats and a few Republicans. Former Vice President Mike Pence had no way out when it came to ensuring the discretionary decisions in favor of the 2020 official political race. Mike Pence told me, and every other person, there was no way around the Electoral Vote Count … Read more

Texas Now Sending Migrants Back to Border

Texas state policing will send illegal migrants caught in the state back toward the southern border, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott stated on Thursday. ”On top of building a border wall, on top of conveying military to the border, on top of setting down razor wire, [Thursday] we reported that each illegal migrant that we find, … Read more

Trump Likely to Win 2024 If He Runs

Yet again, President Donald Trump is the #1 to win his previous position in 2024 assuming that he chooses to run, TV host and author Bill O’Reilly said on Tuesday. O’Reilly guaranteed “Eric Bolling The Balance” watchers that Trump will probably run in the future yet is sitting tight for the correct hour, given the … Read more