Keefe D’s Nephew Bragged About Pulling Trigger In 2Pac Murder, Says Compton Gang Unit Officer

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – The mystery surrounding the 1996 murder of iconic rapper Tupac Shakur has taken a new turn as a Compton Gang Unit officer claims that the nephew of a well-known gangster was bragging about being the triggerman. Officer Robert Ladd, who worked on the investigation following the shooting, revealed in an interview … Read more

Officer-Involved Deaths in the Tennessee Valley Trigger External Investigations for 2023 Cases, Sparking Public Outcry and Family Grief

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Since the start of 2023, a series of officer-involved deaths has prompted seven separate investigations across the Tennessee Valley. These cases have been transferred from local police departments to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency and then to the District Attorney’s Office for review. The prolonged investigations surrounding these incidents have brought about … Read more