Bombing in Rebel-Held Syrian Town of Azaz Results in 8 Dead, 23 Injured

Azaz, Syria – A car bomb explosion has struck a busy market in the rebel-held town of Azaz near the Turkish border, resulting in the deaths of at least eight individuals and leaving 23 others injured. The incident, which took place on Saturday evening, caused chaos at a time when the market was crowded with … Read more

Bomb Explosion Kills Seven in Busy Syrian Market: Turkey-Based Opposition Fighters Respond with Rescue Efforts

Azaz, a city in northern Syria, was shaken by a devastating car bomb explosion that claimed the lives of at least seven people, including two children. The incident occurred in a bustling market as shoppers were preparing for the upcoming Eid al-Fitr celebration to mark the end of Ramadan next month. The explosion, which took … Read more

Explosion Rocks Syrian City of Azaz During Ramadan Shopping Rush

Azaz, Syria – A devastating car bomb explosion rocked the bustling marketplace in the Syrian opposition city of Azaz, located in the northern Aleppo province. The incident, which occurred during the peak late-night shopping hours after residents had broken their fast as part of Ramadan activities, resulted in the tragic loss of at least seven … Read more

Attack: Several Killed in Drone Strike on US-Occupied Syrian Oil Field

DEIR AL-ZOR, Syria – Several casualties have been reported after a drone attack targeted a US-occupied oil field in northeastern Syria. The incident took place in the Deir al-Zor province, where the United States has maintained a presence to protect the oil fields from falling into the hands of ISIS and other militant groups. According … Read more

“Drone Attack Results in Multiple Deaths at US-Occupied Syrian Oil Field” – The Cradle

Multiple deaths occurred as a result of a drone attack on a US-occupied oil field in Syria. The attack took place on Monday and targeted a facility located in the northeastern region of the country. This incident has raised concerns about the escalating violence and instability in the war-torn nation. The drone attack targeted a … Read more