Mass Shooter Sentenced to Nearly 200 Years for LGBTQ Bar Attack

Colorado Springs, CO – A historic sentencing was handed down for Anderson Lee Aldrich, the perpetrator behind the tragic 2022 shooting at Club Q that claimed the lives of five individuals. Aldrich, who pleaded guilty to 74 hate crimes and firearms charges, received a staggering 55 consecutive life sentences and an additional 190 years in … Read more

Dog Owner Charged with Attempted Murder After Brutal Pull Up Bar Attack

Garvagh, Northern Ireland – A man in Garvagh, Andrew Yearl, 27, faced charges in Limavady Magistrate‚Äôs Court related to a brutal attack on a man over a dog dispute. The incident involved the victim being beaten up to 40 times with a pull-up bar, resulting in severe injuries. The court heard that Yearl was charged … Read more

Murder: California Man Faces Charges for Death of Bar Manager in Santa Monica

SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA – A tragic incident unfolded at Jameson’s Pub in Santa Monica, leading to the death of a bar manager after a confrontation with patrons turned violent. Leonard Hector Korpie, a 26-year-old California man, has been accused of throwing a fatal punch during the altercation. According to police reports, the incident occurred late … Read more

Rifle-Wielding Man Shoots DJ Dead After Bar Refuses Alcohol: Shocking CCTV Footage Captures Crime

Patna, India: A DJ was fatally shot late last night in Ranchi, Jharkhand, after employees at a bar refused to serve alcohol to a man. Surveillance footage revealed the armed man entering Extreme Bar in shorts with his face covered by a t-shirt. According to police reports, the suspect and four others demanded alcohol from … Read more

Deadly: Man Shoots DJ at Bar After Being Denied Alcohol in Ranchi

Patna, India: A tragic incident unfolded late last night in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, where a man fatally shot a DJ at a bar after being denied alcohol by the staff. The shooter, captured on CCTV footage, entered the Extreme Bar wearing only shorts and a T-shirt covering his face. According to police reports, … Read more

Dublin Man Found Dead in Bed After Suffering Life-Changing Injuries from Brutal Assault in Temple Bar

Dublin, Ireland – A tragic case unfolded in Dublin when a man with chronic health issues, who had previously suffered severe injuries in a violent assault in Temple Bar, was discovered deceased at his home. The inquest revealed that Jason ‘Jayo’ Brophy, 48, had passed away on May 5, 2023, at his residence on Reuben … Read more

Murder at Columbia Station Bar: Olmsted Township Resident Arrested

An Olmsted Township resident sits behind bars in Ohio for the alleged murder of a man at a bar in Columbia Station. The suspect, a 40-year-old man, is currently held in the Lorain County Jail without bond on multiple charges, including murder. The tragic incident took place just before 11 p.m. at Joker’s Pub and … Read more

Bar Fight Turns Fatal at Hertel Avenue Bar: Victim Shot and Killed

Buffalo, New York – A tragic incident unfolded at a bar on Hertel Avenue in Buffalo, where a man lost his life in a fatal shooting during a fight. The victim, a 46-year-old city resident whose identity remains undisclosed, was shot at approximately 1:11 a.m. inside Del Denby Tavern. Despite being rushed to Erie County … Read more

Shooting at Lexington County, SC bar leaves partygoers shaken: No arrests made

Lexington County, South Carolina – Authorities are currently investigating a shooting incident that occurred at a bar in Lexington County, South Carolina. According to police officials, no arrests have been made in connection with the shooting. The incident took place at the bar, but details on the exact circumstances of the shooting are still being … Read more

New Evidence Prompts New Inquests into McGurk’s Bar Bombing – Families Seek Justice and Truth

Belfast, Northern Ireland – Families of the victims of the tragic bomb attack at McGurk’s Bar have received news that new inquests may be conducted in light of fresh evidence. The bombing, carried out by the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) on December 4, 1971, claimed the lives of 15 individuals. Amid suspicions surrounding the British … Read more