Explosion, Fuel Spill, and Gator Attack: Week in Review Highlights Martin County Fire Rescue Training

West Palm Beach, Florida – Firefighters in Martin County, Florida are all too familiar with the location of a recent emergency as it is where they regularly train for such events. This familiarity proved to be crucial when responding to a recent explosion at a nearby FPL plant. The incident occurred when a semi-truck accidentally … Read more

Explosion at FPL Plant Injures Three: Martin County Fire Rescue Responds

West Palm Beach, Florida – The past week in South Florida has seen a series of dramatic events unfold, capturing the attention of residents and authorities alike. From a hazardous explosion at the Martin Power Plant to a tragic shooting in Riviera Beach, the region has experienced its share of challenges. These incidents underscore the … Read more

Offender James Joseph Martin Denied Parole After N.S. Assault: High Risk of Reoffending

Halifax, Nova Scotia – A New Brunswick man, James Joseph Martin, was recently denied parole due to his history of violent offenses, mainly against women. The Parole Board of Canada deemed Martin, 57, too high of a risk to be released from prison during a hearing this month. In 2014, Martin was declared a dangerous … Read more

Fatal Multi-Car Collision in Martin County Leaves Three Dead and Three Injured

MARTIN COUNTY, Texas – A tragic multiple-car collision occurred on Tuesday, March 26 in Martin County, resulting in three fatalities and several injuries, according to a report released by the Texas Department of Public Safety. The report reveals that the incident involved a Nissan car and a Ford Coachman on IH-20, where 25-year-old Victor Craven … Read more

Tragic Crash Kills Three in Martin County: March 26, 2024 News Update

Martin County, Florida – A tragic crash in Martin County on March 26, 2024, resulted in the loss of three lives. The devastating incident shocked the community and left families grieving for their loved ones. According to authorities, the crash occurred on a busy intersection, involving multiple vehicles. Emergency responders rushed to the scene to … Read more

Fatal Shooting at College Town Bar in Martin Leaves One Dead

MARTIN, TENN– Authorities are investigating a deadly shooting at a local bar in Martin. The incident took place at Cadillac’s bar on Saturday night, leaving one person dead. 19-year-old Cameron Houston from Union City was found suffering from multiple gunshot wounds and was later pronounced dead in the hospital. Eyewitness Angel Navarrete described the chaotic … Read more