Residents of Federal Hill question lack of transparency after brutal attack captured in community

Baltimore, Maryland – Federal Hill residents are raising concerns about the lack of notification regarding a recent violent attack within their community. Detectives reported that a woman was brutally assaulted while walking near Battery Avenue and Cross Streets in the early hours of the morning three weeks ago. The incident occurred just before 2 am. … Read more

OSHA Investigator Missed Months of Work for Emergency Surgery, Leading to Lack of Investigation in Fort Worth Hotel Explosion

Fort Worth, Texas – The Department of Labor is investigating a lapse in the federal investigation into the explosion at the Sandman Hotel in January. The inquiry concluded without any action due to the statute of limitations expiring. According to an OSHA document obtained by WFAA, an Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigator assigned to … Read more

MURDERED: Family of Slain 13-Year-Old Upset with Lack of Justice in Court System

Omaha, Nebraska – The family of a slain 13-year-old boy is grappling with what they perceive as a lack of justice in the legal aftermath of his tragic death. Lenny Rodriguez, described as a loving and caring eighth-grader, lost his life in a shooting at Hanscom Park in September 2022. Two 13-year-olds were apprehended and … Read more

Murdered 13-Year-Old’s Family Calls Out Lack of Justice in Court System

Omaha, Nebraska – The family of a 13-year-old murder victim is expressing frustration and disbelief at the lack of justice they feel has been served in the case. Lenny Rodriguez, described as a loving and caring eighth-grader, lost his life in a tragic shooting incident at Hanscom Park in September 2022. Two 13-year-olds were arrested … Read more

Diving in Tasmania: Lack of Regulation Leads to Multiple Deaths and Calls for Action

Hobart, Tasmania – Recreational diving in Tasmania has long been a popular pastime for locals seeking to access the abundance of seafood in the waters off the coast. However, a recent increase in deaths among divers has sparked concerns over the lack of regulations in place to ensure the safety of those participating in the … Read more

Unregulated Boarding Homes Put Vulnerable Texans at Risk: WFAA Investigation Exposes Alarming Lack of Oversight

Arlington, Texas – An investigation in Arlington, Texas, uncovers alarming findings regarding the lack of regulation for boarding homes, putting vulnerable individuals at significant risk. The investigation, conducted by WFAA, reveals disturbing accounts of abuse and neglect within unlicensed boarding homes operating in the area. One such distressing case involves Angelique Estes, a victim of … Read more

Man Killed in Hayward Shooting, Lack of Police Announcement Raises Questions

Hayward, California – Authorities in Hayward, California, are investigating the shooting death of a 45-year-old man that occurred on January 31. The victim, Yosef Barca, was killed inside a home on Poplar Avenue in Hayward. The circumstances surrounding his death have been clouded by conflicting witness statements and a confession by a woman who claimed … Read more

Attempted murder case of former Winchester mayor’s terminally ill mother thrown out of court due to lack of evidence

Winchester, England – A former mayor of Winchester has been acquitted of the accusation of attempting to murder his terminally ill mother, Margaret McLean. The case, which took place in Waltham Chase, Hampshire, was dismissed due to insufficient evidence for the jury to reach a verdict, according to Judge Mrs. Justice McGowan at Winchester Crown … Read more

Brandon Veal Murder Case in Dekalb County: Lack of Evidence Hinders Prosecution of Killer

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Authorities in Dekalb County are facing challenges in the investigation into the tragic death of Brandon Veal. The District Attorney’s office has stated that they lack sufficient evidence to convict the person responsible for his killing. Veal’s fatal encounter occurred on August 6, 2022, when he visited a friend’s residence with … Read more

Explosion Victim Denied Lawsuit Against Landlord Due to Lack of Notice

DURHAM, N.C. – A ruling by the state Supreme Court in North Carolina determined that a tenant who suffered severe burns in a natural gas explosion at his rental home cannot sue the landlord for negligence or any other claims. The court’s decision was based on the lack of evidence showing that the landlord had … Read more