Unsolved: 11 Years Since Bardstown Officer Jason Ellis’ Tragic Murder

Louisville, KY – In Bardstown, the community observes a somber anniversary on May 25. It marks 11 years since Officer Jason Ellis was fatally shot on his way home from work. Despite the passage of time, his killer remains unidentified, leaving loved ones grappling with unresolved questions and milestones missed. For Amy Ellis-Brown, the widow … Read more

Officer Acquitted in Manuel Ellis Death Hired by Neighboring Sheriff’s Office

Seattle, Washington – A former Tacoma police officer, Christopher Burbank, one of the three officers cleared of criminal charges in the 2020 death of Manuel Ellis, a Black man, has been hired by the neighboring Thurston County Sheriff’s Office in Olympia, Washington. Burbank, along with officers Timothy Rankine and Matthew Collins, was acquitted by a … Read more

Assault Arrest: Martay Ellis Faces 1st Degree Murder Charges in Spokane Court

Spokane, Washington – Martay Ellis, 26, appeared in Spokane County Superior Court facing charges of first-degree assault and second-degree murder. These charges stem from a tragic incident in March 2022 involving the death of a patient at Eastern State Hospital. The case was previously dismissed after Ellis was deemed incompetent to stand trial, but they … Read more