Trump Declares Capitol Riot Convict a ‘Patriot’ and Calls for Donations

Denver, Colorado – Former President Donald Trump expressed his support for Colorado woman Rebecca Lavrenz, who was recently convicted of federal misdemeanor charges related to the January 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol. Lavrenz, labeled as a “patriot” by Trump, was found guilty of disorderly and disruptive conduct and three other charges in Washington. … Read more

CDC Declares End to Cantaloupe Salmonella Outbreak After Numerous Deaths and Hospitalizations

Health officials in several states of the United States have confirmed that the cantaloupe salmonella outbreak, which resulted in multiple deaths and hundreds of hospitalizations, has officially come to an end according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The outbreak affected people in different states, causing widespread concern and prompting health authorities … Read more

Storm-Ravaged Michigan Declares State of Emergency in Wake of Tornado and Widespread Devastation

DETROIT, MICHIGAN – Residents across lower Michigan awoke to the aftermath of a series of powerful storms that tore through the region, leaving a trail of destruction, power outages, and loss of life. The storms, which hit the night before, led to at least five confirmed deaths and hundreds of thousands left without power. In … Read more

CDC Declares End to Cantaloupe Salmonella Outbreak with Numerous Deaths and Hospitalizations

Atlanta, GA – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced the end of the cantaloupe salmonella outbreak that resulted in multiple deaths and hundreds of hospitalizations. The outbreak is believed to have originated from contaminated cantaloupes and affected people in several states. The CDC revealed that a total of 260 individuals fell ill … Read more

Ecuador Declares 22 Gangs as Terrorist Organizations in Response to Armed TV Station Attack

Guayaquil, Ecuador – Gunmen armed with explosives forcibly entered a TV station during a live broadcast in Ecuador on Tuesday, as the nation faced a surge of violence that prompted President Daniel Noboa to declare 22 criminal gangs as terrorist organizations to be targeted by the military. Amid the chaos, police detained 13 men responsible … Read more

First Nation in Alberta Declares State of Emergency Due to Drug Poisoning Deaths

A state of emergency has been declared by a First Nation in southern Alberta after a string of drug poisoning deaths. The Piikani Nation Chief Troy Knowlton and council made the declaration on Tuesday. Knowlton characterized the drug crisis as the “public policy challenge of the century, affecting every community from coast to coast.” He … Read more