Russian Politician Falls to Death from Third-Story Window, Adding to String of Mysterious High-Profile Deaths in Putin’s Russia

TOBOLSK, Russia – The mysterious death of a prominent Russian politician has added to a string of suspicious high-profile deaths in the country. Vladimir Egorov, a member of Putin’s United Russia party, was found dead outside his home in Tobolsk after falling from a third-story window, Russian media reported. Egorov was just 46 years old … Read more

High-Profile Russian Politician Vladimir Egorov Falls to His Death In Suspected Suicide, Adding to String of Mysterious Deaths Under Putin’s Administration

Tobolsk, Russia – The mysterious death of Vladimir Egorov, a prominent pro-Putin politician, has raised eyebrows and added to a growing list of high-profile figures who have died under suspicious circumstances in Russia. Egorov, aged 46, reportedly fell to his death from the third-story window of his home in Tobolsk last week. According to Russian … Read more