Opposition Leader Dies in Prison As List of Mysterious Deaths in Russia Continues to Grow

MOSCOW, RUSSIA – The list of prominent opposition figures and critics of Russian President Vladimir Putin who have met violent or suspicious deaths continues to grow. The most recent addition to this list is Aleksei Navalny, an imprisoned opposition politician who died under murky circumstances in a Russian prison. Navalny, known for his crusade against … Read more

Navalny’s Widow Vows to Continue Fight for Free Russia Amid Denial of Access to His Body by Russian Authorities

MOSCOW, RUSSIA – Yulia Navalnaya, the widow of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, made a bold statement in a video message on Monday. She vowed to carry on her husband’s work and continue fighting for a free Russia. This declaration comes as Russian authorities have denied Navalny’s relatives access to his body for the third … Read more

Navalny’s Death Would Deprive Russia of Leading Opposition Voice, Live Updates

MOSCOW, RUSSIA – The potential death of prominent Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has sparked global concern and fear over the future of political opposition in Russia. Navalny, a fierce critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, was imprisoned in January upon his return to Russia from Germany, where he received treatment for poisoning with a … Read more

Navalny: Putin Critic Dies in Russian Penal Colony, International Leaders Hold Russia Responsible

MOSCOW, Russia – The death of imprisoned Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny has sparked an international outcry, with leaders from around the world holding Russia responsible for his demise. Navalny reportedly collapsed and lost consciousness in a remote penal colony north of the Arctic Circle where he was serving a long sentence, according to the … Read more

Explosion and Fire at Votkinsk Military Plant in Russia Raises Concerns

A massive explosion rocked the Votkinsk military plant in Russia, prompting concerns about the safety of the surrounding area and the nature of the incident. The plant, known for producing missile equipment, was reportedly undergoing testing at the time of the explosion, which led to a significant fire. The details were initially reported by Ukrinform, … Read more

Drone Strike Sparks Fire at Lukoil Southern Russia Refinery; Provokes Concerns from Ukraine

A fire erupted at a Lukoil oil refinery in Volgograd, Russia, following a drone strike, local authorities confirmed. The southern Russian city of Volgograd, located about 200 miles from the border with Ukraine, experienced the blaze as reports surfaced of heightened targeting of energy facilities in Russia by Kyiv. According to Andrey Bocharov, the regional … Read more

Ukraine Devastated as Russia Launches 41 Missiles, Killing 4 and Injuring Dozens

At least four people were killed and over 60 injured on Tuesday, January 23, as Russia launched 41 missiles at northern and eastern Ukraine. The attack caused devastation in several cities, with Kharkiv mayor, Oleh Syniehubov, confirming the death toll and the number of injuries. The impact of the attack on residential areas, including damage … Read more

Russia Develops Ground-Based Nuclear Explosion Simulator for Military Training

MOSCOW, Russia – Russian military forces are revolutionizing their training with the development of a ground-based nuclear explosion simulator. This groundbreaking device, developed by researchers at the Russian Military Academy of Logistics, will offer visual simulations of the impact effect, light flash, and mushroom cloud resulting from a nuclear explosion. The new simulator is expected … Read more

Ukraine, Russia, Aiden Aslin: A Captivating Comeback Story

Aiden Aslin, a 30-year-old British fighter, has returned to the frontline in Ukraine after being held as a prisoner of war and sentenced to death by Russia. Aslin, who was captured from Ukraine’s Mariupol in April 2022, shared online that he is in Ukraine’s Avdiivka to deliver medical supplies and not to fight. Later, he … Read more

Russia: State TV Chief Zoya Konovalova Found Dead in Suspected Poisoning Incident

KRASNODAR, Russia – Zoya Konovalova, the editor-in-chief of a state television channel under Russian President Vladimir Putin, has been found dead in her home in the Krasnodar region, along with her ex-husband. Authorities suspect the cause of death to be poisoning, making it the latest in a series of mysterious deaths involving prominent Russian figures … Read more