Maine Lawmakers to Focus on Gun Control After Tragic Lewiston Shootings

AUGUSTA, Maine – Lawmakers in Maine returned to the State House on Wednesday with the tragic mass shootings in Lewiston weighing heavy on their minds. The recent events have reignited the gun control debate, which is expected to be a major focus for the legislators.

In the wake of the mass shooting, House Majority Leader Rep. Maureen Terry (D-Gorham) disclosed that many constituents have been advocating for new gun restrictions. This has led to conversations about potential legislative changes, including the possibility of introducing red flag laws.

During the first legislative session in the spring of 2023, gun policy proposals were brought up but ultimately failed to pass in the Senate. Now, lawmakers are faced with the challenge of finding common ground with Republicans on the type of changes that should be made.

Several bills have been submitted for consideration, but Terry highlights that most of them are still in the early stages. She expects gun law legislation to be a priority for the Democratic House Caucus, but emphasizes that major votes and significant changes may take years to come to fruition.

As discussions continue on what specific legislative changes might look like, there is an ongoing effort to engage in dialogue and share priorities among the lawmakers. The tragic events in Lewiston have certainly elevated the urgency of the gun control debate, prompting further deliberation and scrutiny of potential policy changes.