Disturbing Video Captures Woman Abusing Dog in Lowell, Massachusetts, Leads to Animal Cruelty Charges

LOWELL, Massachusetts – A woman in Lowell, Massachusetts, faced a judge on Tuesday after being accused of kicking her dog multiple times in an act of animal cruelty. The disturbing incident was captured on camera within an apartment building, sparking outrage and disbelief from the community.

The apartment building’s property manager discovered the footage after reviewing surveillance cameras due to a nearby car crash. The video allegedly shows the woman repeatedly kicking the dog and throwing it into an apartment on Westford Street.

Neighbors expressed their shock and heartbreak over the incident, with one resident stating, “I can’t see how somebody could do something so cruel like that.” Another neighbor added, “It breaks my heart that I see someone treat a living thing like that. It’s awful to see someone act like that.”

Kimberly Hernandez, 30, appeared in court facing two counts of animal cruelty. According to the police, she admitted to abusing her dog, Rex, and informed the judge that she would be hiring her own attorney.

Prosecutors revealed that Hernandez had been drinking on the night of the incident and took her anger out on the dog after it ruined some papers in her car. Despite becoming emotional after seeing the footage, she was ordered to have no unsupervised contact with animals and surrender all pets, including Rex, who is now in the custody of animal control.

The community expressed relief at the outcome, with one neighbor stating, “I’m happy about that – very much so. Am I happy she’s walking out a free woman right now? Absolutely not. That poor little dog didn’t stand a chance. That was not acceptable.”

Hernandez is expected to appear in court again next month. The incident has brought attention to the issue of animal abuse, sparking conversations about the importance of responsible pet ownership and the need for stronger protections for animals.