Misinformation: False Explosion Image Circulates Amid Iran-Israel Tensions

Isfahan, Iran – Reports of a photo circulating online falsely claiming to show an explosion in Iran have sparked controversy. The image was widely shared on various platforms, including YouTube and social media sites in multiple languages. The photo was reportedly linked to three explosions near a military airbase in Iran’s Isfahan province. The situation … Read more

Indian Student Death in Massachusetts Sparks Online Outrage and Misinformation

Fall River, Massachusetts – The recent death of a young Indian student in Massachusetts has sparked widespread outrage and misinformation in India, where sensationalized headlines have falsely claimed he was murdered in Boston as part of a growing trend of anti-Indian violence in the United States. Abhijeeth Paruchuru, a 20-year-old student at the University of … Read more

Influencers Spread Misinformation About Birth Control Leading to Dangerous Consequences Among Young Women

Washington DC, USA – Misinformation about birth control is rampant on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, where influencers spread misleading claims and negative perceptions about hormonal contraception. These platforms are flooded with videos blaming weight gain on birth control pills, suggesting that some methods can lead to infertility, and sharing stories of depression … Read more

Misinformation about COVID-19 Vaccines Continues to Proliferate, Impacting Public Health

Los Angeles, California – Memories of life before the onset of the novel coronavirus pandemic linger in the minds of many, from festive spring break parties to the lively celebrations of Mardi Gras. As the world grappled with the sudden shift brought on by COVID-19, misinformation began to spread rapidly, fueled by fears and uncertainties … Read more

“Misinformation” Is Being Pushed After A School Shooting In Iowa By Right-Wing Celebrities Such As Elon Musk and Donald Trump Jr.

Perry, Iowa – Influential right-wing figures, including Elon Musk and Donald Trump Jr., have been accused of spreading misinformation about a recent school shooting in the wake of the tragic incident at Perry High School. This comes after a 17-year-old former student, Dylan Butler, opened fire on students returning from their Christmas break, resulting in … Read more