Supari Killing Scheme Uncovered in Gadag: Eldest Son Hires Contract Killers for Property Inheritance

Gadag, India – The mystery surrounding the gruesome murder of four individuals in Gadag has been unraveled with the arrest of eight suspects, including the eldest son of the victims. The heinous crime, initially thought to be a case of random violence, turned out to be a premeditated plot orchestrated by the son to inherit … Read more

Survivor Recalls Killer’s Glee in Illinois Stabbing Spree

Rockford, Illinois – A survivor of a tragic stabbing spree in Illinois vividly described the chilling look of satisfaction on the killer’s face during the rampage that resulted in the deaths of four individuals. Christian Soto, a 22-year-old facing charges of murder, attempted murder, and home invasion, unleashed terror in Rockford that also left six … Read more

Jealousy-Fueled Ambush: Philly Teacher’s Killers Found Guilty of First-Degree Murder

Cheltenham Township, Pennsylvania – A man and a woman were convicted of first-degree murder for their involvement in the ambush killing of Philadelphia teacher Rachel King. Zakkee Steven Alhakim, 34, and Julie Jean, 35, were sentenced to life in prison after a jury deliberated for only 52 minutes on the plot to kill King. The … Read more

Resentencing Reduces Convicted Killer’s Jail Time for Janessa Ramirez’s Death

FRESNO, Calif. – Brian Cooks, the man who was previously convicted of the killing of nine-year-old Janessa Ramirez, had his sentence reduced by several years after a recent court hearing. Cooks, who was initially sentenced to 21 years in prison for the manslaughter of Janessa Ramirez, petitioned for a re-sentencing under a new California law … Read more

“Ripper” – True-Crime Series Exposes Hollywood Killer’s Chilling M.O. and Brutal Murders

Los Angeles, California – Tom Small, a retired homicide detective, vividly recalls the gruesome discovery of Ashley Ellerin’s lifeless body in her Hollywood bungalow. It was a fateful night in February 2001 when the young fashion student was found stabbed to death, shocking the California community. Ellerin’s brutal murder, with 47 stab wounds, left many … Read more

Kingston Killers Who Ambushed Man Sentenced to Life Imprisonment

KINGSTON, England – Two individuals responsible for the violent stabbing of Farhad Khalili have been sentenced to life in prison. The attack occurred on December 15, 2021, in Kingston, resulting in Khalili’s tragic death despite the efforts of emergency responders. Sean Deery and Sebastian Niven were identified as the assailants after a review of CCTV … Read more

Dallas Woman Murdered Over Basketball Game: Family Speaks Out Against Killer’s Plea Deal

DALLAS – Family members of a young woman killed in a deadly confrontation over a pick-up basketball game addressed the man who pleaded guilty to her murder. The 21-year-old victim, Asia Womack, was shot by 32-year-old Cameron Hogg after an argument at a park in South Dallas in 2022, according to Dallas police. Court documents … Read more

Luay Nader Sako: Melbourne Killer’s Prolonged Bid Against Justice Will Shock You

Melbourne, Australia – The killer of Melbourne woman Celeste Manno is attempting to secure freedom after inflicting a brutal murder. Luay Nader Sako, 39, stabbed Ms. Manno up to 23 times while she slept in her own bed at her mother’s house in Melbourne’s northeast. This violent act occurred on November 16, 2020. Sako then … Read more

Monsters Exposed: Father Pays Tribute to Murdered Daughter and Lambasts Killers After Court Reveals Their Names

WARRINGTON, ENGLAND – The father of the slain teenager Brianna Ghey is speaking out about his daughter’s brutal murder and the subsequent court decision to reveal the names of her killers. Peter Spooner expressed his changed opinion on the court’s move, describing the murderers as “a pair of monsters” who should be forgotten. Spooner paid … Read more

Teenage Killers Unmasked in Terrifying Murder Plan Scam

Culcheth, England – An unsettling and disturbing plan unfolded in the town of Culcheth, where 16-year-old Brianna Ghey fell victim to the brutal attack plotted by her peers. Scarlett Jenkinson and Eddie Ratcliffe meticulously planned and executed the murder of Brianna, which ultimately led to their conviction in a harrowing four-week trial. The atrocious act … Read more