‘Fly’ Evasion: French Police Hunt Escaped Prisoner After Lethal Van Breakout

PARIS, France – French authorities are in pursuit of an elusive criminal known as ‘The Fly’ following a daring and deadly escape from a prison transport van. The fugitive managed to evade capture after a brazen breakout, leaving law enforcement scrambling to track down this dangerous individual. The escape occurred on Tuesday, prompting a massive … Read more

Accused Idaho Fugitives Now Suspects in Double Homicide: Escaped Convict and Accomplice Arrested and Charged

Boise, Idaho – Two escaped convicts, Skylar Meade and Nicholas Umphenour, are now under scrutiny for the deaths of two individuals while on the lam, authorities announced on Thursday. Meade and Umphenour were apprehended following an ambush and shooting at a hospital that wounded three officers, according to Boise police. Boise Police Department Chief Ron … Read more

Escaped Inmates Cause Chaos in Haiti’s Capital after Violent Attack

Port-au-Prince, Haiti – Several thousand inmates have broken free from Haiti’s main prison in the wake of a violent attack that claimed the lives of at least a dozen individuals. The chaos unfolded overnight, sparking concerns over the security situation in the capital. Reports indicate that in a separate incident, an undisclosed number of inmates … Read more

I-75 Plane Crash Survivors Reveal How They Escaped Deadly Explosion

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — A recent report by the Collier County Sheriff’s Office provided new details on how the survivors of the I-75 plane crash escaped the aircraft just before it exploded. The incident occurred on Feb. 9 when a business jet crashed onto the highway south of exit 107 around 3 p.m. after its … Read more