Ethics Complaint Looms for AG Bailey Over Attempted Investigation into Hazelwood DEI Policies

ST. LOUIS, Missouri – The Hazelwood School District is considering filing an ethics complaint against Attorney General Andrew Bailey for his recent attempts to scrutinize their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) policies. Recent events have shed new light on a disturbing altercation that left 16-year-old Kaylee Gain hospitalized with a severe head injury. Prior to … Read more

Investigation into Hazelwood School District Finds DEI Programs Unrelated to Violent Attack, Police Confirm

ST. LOUIS, Missouri – An investigation has been launched by Missouri’s Attorney General into the Hazelwood School District following a violent incident involving a student named Kaylee Gain, as reported by local police. The incident, which occurred off-campus after school hours, left Gain with severe injuries. The Attorney General has raised concerns about the district’s … Read more

Investigation by Missouri AG into School District’s DEI Programs Following Teen’s Brutal Beating

St. Louis, Missouri – Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey has initiated an investigation into the Hazelwood School District in connection to a violent incident involving a St. Louis teen. The teenager was captured in a viral video being physically assaulted by another student. Bailey’s inquiry focuses on the school district’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) … Read more