Explosions in Plum Borough Highlight Danger of Aging Infrastructure in America

Plum Borough, Pennsylvania – A devastating home explosion in the Rustic Ridge neighborhood near Pittsburgh claimed the lives of six individuals, marking 2023 as the deadliest year for gas-related explosions in almost 20 years. Investigative correspondent Angie Moreschi delves into the alarming trend of catastrophic explosions in homes and buildings across the nation, shedding light … Read more

Sextortion Threatens Hoosier Children, FBI Warns of Growing Danger

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA – The FBI is issuing a urgent warning to residents of Indiana about the alarming rise of a growing danger known as “sextortion.” Online predators are specifically targeting children, with a focus on boys between the ages of 14 and 17, using a deceptive tactic involving fake social media profiles to manipulate their … Read more

Assault Charges: Man Admits Violence Against Former Partner, Branded “Danger to Women” by Judge

SHREWSBURY, ENGLAND – Juke Marsh, 28, was sentenced to 16 months in prison, suspended for two years, by the Shrewsbury Crown Court on Thursday. Marsh admitted to assault, actual bodily harm, and criminal damage related to violence towards a former partner in May and June last year. According to the court, the first incident on … Read more