Walmart Survival: Victim Defends Himself During Violent Attack, Uses Concealed Carry and Knife to Subdue Assailant

Shreveport, Louisiana – A local business owner and Air Force veteran, Lonnie Blansit, recently faced a terrifying ordeal at a Walmart in Shreve City. While innocently reaching for a can of green beans, he was viciously attacked from behind, leading to a chaotic struggle for survival. Blansit described the harrowing experience, recounting how he was … Read more

Violent Urges: Emmerdale’s Cain Encourages Matty to Carry Out Attack, Causes Panic

Wetherby, England – In a recent episode of the popular soap opera Emmerdale, character Cain Dingle is seen encouraging Matty Barton to engage in a violent confrontation. This plot development has sparked discussions among viewers about the portrayal of aggressive behavior on television. The scene unfolds as Cain, played by actor Jeff Hordley, pressures Matty, … Read more

Tennessee Lawmakers Face Backlash After Passing Bill Allowing Teachers to Carry Concealed Weapons in Schools

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Protesters in Tennessee voiced their concerns as the state House Republicans passed a bill allowing certain teachers and staff to carry concealed handguns on public school grounds. The bill also includes a provision that would prevent parents and other teachers from knowing which employees are armed. The 68-28 vote in favor of … Read more

Concealed Carry Approved for School Staff in Tennessee: Controversial Bill Heads to Governor’s Desk

Nashville, Tennessee – Lawmakers in Tennessee have recently approved a measure that would permit school staff to carry concealed handguns on school premises, following a tragic incident where six individuals lost their lives due to a shooter at a Nashville school. The Tennessee House voted 68-28 in favor of the legislation, with four Republicans breaking … Read more